New Novel Preparations

In preparing for the novels and site upgrades that we are planning, I want to start a rigorous hiring process for new editors and proofreaders for new novels that we are planning on translating.

I want to make it clear that I won’t be hiring for PMG and anyone who is approved for either of these positions will only have access to ‘their’ novel. The benefits to these positions will include receiving chapters ahead of time. Although proofreaders are not paid, editors will be paid, varying amounts depending on the novel that they are hired for.

Please only apply to these positions if you are serious about committing yourself. If you fall behind or are anything less than consistent with your work, every reader will suffer the consequences, up to and including the loss of the novel. I’m also requesting that whoever applies can tolerate certain levels of negative feedback. Although our site has a zero-tolerance for such things, they can occasionally slip through the cracks. It’s important to remember that PMG was once very popular, but due to a month or two of sickness, negative comments (including death threats) pushed our original translator away from translating. In that, without consistent editing and scheduling of chapters, it’s easy to believe that PMG would not be where it is today.

If all of this sounds like your cup of tea, please email me at “” with the subject heading: Editor or Proofreader. If you are applying for either, just put “Editor” for now.
Any spamming to this email will remove any chances of applying. Do not email any complaints or questions you have about PMG to this email. This will be a preemptive employment of staff, so I can’t divulge which novels we are adding, and you may not start working for some time. Please do email me with any questions you have.
Please do include any of your current time restrictions (ex: school, XX amount of work hours, X amount of extra-curricular activities), the amount of time you can guarantee that you can put aside for your desired position, and if English is your first language. If you are applying as an editor, include any previous experience you have involving writing/editing (with some kind of proof, as anybody can just make up information that they have experience). GOOD LUCK!


  1. Fake hope lol   •  

    Will you guys be continuing devouring the heavens? The novel is great and i dont wanna lose brain cells reading in machine translations

    • OddManOut   •     Author

      From what I know right now, we won’t be. But, I’m not the governing body here, so I can’t say that with 100% certainty.

      • Guilt   •  

        Are you guys going to have like a list of novels you will translate or you guys already have novels in mind. I would really like if you guys translated Everlasting God of Sword novel

  2. Crayon   •  

    those who death threats my boi PMG Should be a shame of yourself he was willing to take his time to do this for us Young Novel lovers….
    I would join but the thing is I really don’t know what is the requirements…

  3. ChickenDinner   •  

    I love to join but I am so busy with my life. Thank you for your hard work . And hell to those scums with death threats and thinking to do .

  4. Ray   •  

    I really like that email name

    • OddManOut   •     Author

      lol, I do too! ha

      • Skoda   •  

        I had to reread to confirm im not watching too much x rated content XD

  5. word   •  

    Death threats because of a 2 month pause? it ain’t that deep bruhh…

  6. KingBingBongBoo   •  

    Man who ever though lowlifes are that left death threats should be ashamed. You guys do good work, keep it up. I would love to help out with this series it’s just a shame that I’m I am literally useless at anything to do with what is needed.

  7. Roger   •  

    Can anyone explain the job proofreading clearly.

    • OddManOut   •     Author

      You will receive chapters for ‘your’ novel which have been translated and edited already. This document should be close to publishable, but may contain spelling or common grammatical issues. You can also mention any sentences/paragraphs that you can’t make sense of or if you believe they need some more work. Although unpaid, these individuals will be able to read chapters ahead of release and will provide some service to that novel! It would be fair to say that anyone who is a proofreader will have all the benefits that the highest patreon tier has without donating any money.

      • JD   •  

        Dude, I’d love to be a proofreader, I believe I have high-literacy in English especially in reading and writing. Verbally, I’m fluent enough, around 85%. If you don’t mind, even without payment, I’ll greatly accept the job. By the way, keep up the good work dude. You have great stuff going there.To hell with those death threats, I’ll eat them for breakfast.

      • Roger   •  

        Good then i am applying. English is my 1st language and I have read countless books since childhood.

  8. Nightingale   •  

    Does that mean you’ve already chosen what to translate?

  9. SpyCoder   •  

    Very excited, do editors also have the chapters ahead perk?

    • OddManOut   •     Author

      Yes, they must in fact

      • Giongi   •  

        The questions are of high standard.

        Thanks for your hard work though and good luck to everyone starting!

  10. Keraton   •  

    Did you actually receive death threats? Some people really do have sub 60 IQ, don’t they?

  11. Sevdedsin   •  

    have you guys selected some novels for translations or are you going to pick up some of the dropped series like- Cult of the Sacred Runes, Chaotic Lightning Cultivation, Limitless Sword God, Nine Yang Sword Saint, Dragon Blood Warrior, Zither Emperor and others. plz plz plz reply. thank you

  12. Akash Modi   •  

    please do DTH

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