New Poster and Release Times

Hello there i am Aladanor,

I will be posting the chapters on the site from now on and I get a lot of complains about where the chapters are and why they are not uploaded yet.

I will release the chapters to a Random time between 8am-2pm UTC! If they are not online at 2pm feel free to complain but before that time please refrain from unnecessary spam. Also I am sure you noticed already that I made some mistakes yesterday and I am still getting used to posting so please be patient I am trying my best!
-the new Poster Aladanor


  1. PeWpEw   •  

    Good Luck And be Healthy 🙂

  2. KIRTASH   •  

    Well no but which time zone are you from? So what’s 2Pm for you?

  3. KenZ   •  

    Which site will you be uploading it?

    • Giongi   •  

      this one

  4. ReignBringer   •  

    Hope the chapters will be uploaded soon :’))

  5. aniloave   •  

    Aladanor Thanks for clarifying, this time is quit good as well. All the best!! 🙂

  6. Lito Origo   •  

    That’s from 4 – 10AM EST for the ones in my area.

    • Cookingcactus   •  

      So it should be in the next hour ? So complicated the time zone !

  7. Geopwn   •  

    That 3:00 pm to 9:00 pm PST

    • Ghost757   •  

      1-7am pst. You are 3 hours behind EST which is 4-10am

  8. freeloxxx   •  

    Dude, dont care about them. You did a great job & ty!

  9. DNangel   •  

    Is it possible if you can stick to the current uploading time? Previously, new chapters are released normally at around 8PM EST for my time zone and I love that schedule unless you have more important priorities. Also you can schedule the releases automatically?

    Thank you.

    • Giongi   •  

      The reason for random uploads is probably because of spreading the amount of visitors to the site so that it will not crash.

  10. zamurai88   •  

    Oooooh.. We can wait and thanks for the upload. ?

  11. Jon   •  

    <3 no worries take your time.

  12. Cookingcactus   •  

    So it shoul be published in the next hour ? Just to understand so complicate calculating the time zone ?

    • Aladanor   •     Author

      yes its within the next hour and 2 minutes

      • Azaro   •  

        right now it’s 2PM UTC +0, so I am getting confused, what time are you in… ?

        • Aladanor   •     Author

          when i search for the utc time its 1:17pm so where did you get that time from?

          • Azaro   •  

            you are right, I confused UTC +0 with UTC+1…

  13. Aiz   •  

    U mean 8PM to 2AM? :think: but still, thanks for the effort sire.

    • Lin Feng   •  

      You are wrong. It is correct at 8 AM to 2 PM.

  14. mnemosynedcc   •  

    4pm to 10pm for GMT+8

  15. DickyPoppins   •  

    Y’all realize the more you bug him the longer it will take. He’s been doing fine and releasing them at the normal times. Everyone who was complaining can go jump in a snake pit.

    • ArmAlegator   •  


  16. Drimiter   •  

    Thanks and don’t worry, people normally don’t understand this time zone thing. ?

  17. MjR   •  

    Aww… man

  18. Al   •  

    Warming welcoming newbie. ?

  19. Tyforthechapter   •  

    Does pmg updates daily? I just recently finished reading all of the posted chapter. This is my first novel so i wonder.

    • Xaran   •  

      yes, they upload 40 chapters per week, 5-6 daily

    • Conanmori   •  

      Yeah daily dose of cosmic energies. Welcome here PMG is so good that you won’t stop reading after you read 10+ chapter.

  20. Lin Tang Coeg   •  

    iya kang GMT +7

  21. Heartyfox-san   •  

    So it’s another hour here. *sigh* i guess it’s still better than none right?
    Anyways, thank you. Thank you for your patience in explaining.
    Love lots ♪(´ε` )

  22. Kyocero   •  

    So it means, it will add 1hour or they change time? Previously chpater release ia 8pm here,. Anyone can clear how many time they add for the new update chaptrr release so i can clear it.. tnx. 🙂

  23. Lin Feng Fan   •  

    countdown 27 mints remaining

  24. Hypebeast   •  

    Hope to stick on the same time as usual. Already used to the usual time, please don’t change the time

  25. Conanmori   •  

    Not a problem to me since its 4pm-11pm here in Manila. Also I’m more active in that hour.

  26. mnemosynedcc   •  

    4pm to 10pm for gmt+8

  27. Lar   •  

    thanks for the hard work
    It’s nice to read a novel in which they worry so much

  28. KryzJ   •  

    Dun worry bro! If someone dares to offend again we’ll have ’em cripple their own cultivation before leaving…. Weres the chapters anyways XD

  29. Dut   •  

    4pm to 11pm na ba bat wala pa ngayon? 8pm ung dating time diba?

    • DNangel   •  

      Yeah, old time is at 8PM in our timezone.

  30. Dmorgs   •  

    Thanks for the warning. Just keep posting chapters daily. It’s almost 10am in Canada so I got 4hrs to go until its 2pm. Good thing I work from 7-8 depending on my mood and how exhausted I am from work. Btw I work in construction

  31. Lin Ao Feng   •  

    Guys don’t spam or Else I will Use my Heavenly Chessboard!

  32. Wan Shi Tong   •  

    10 minutes until it’s 2pm UTC.

    • KIRTASH   •  

      Coming too late on his first day? 😀

    • Wan Shi Tong   •  

      It is now after 2pm UTC. I am now complaining:


      I did not want to have to do that, don’t force me to have to again.

  33. mochi2   •  

    one shouldn’t complain when they are reading from free source.
    unless u r paid for it and the writter didnt deliver at agreed time

  34. TeamYouYou   •  

    5 mins- really making us sweat this one out, eh Aladanor?

    • ReignBringer   •  

      Haha same here

  35. Lin Feng Fan   •  

    bearing with WAIT Cosmic energies

  36. Tough love   •  

    One tiny mistake and new poster caves under pressure. Pretty supportive of the team but I don’t think this is a fair rant. Why would you ask people to complain if you’re late and put pressure on your team?

    • Aladanor   •     Author

      because its then at least justified and currently i get so many complains about where the chapters are when they are not posted at the same time or earlier (and then continues until earlier is the new time and then earlier again where should this end?)

  37. Lucifer   •  

    Its 2 pm

  38. Mangasleuth   •  

    You guys are awesome and do divine work. Don’t mind the complainers, very few translationsites upload as fast as yours. A few hiccups here and there are nothing to cry about! Keep making miracles happen, I know were closing in near the end of the story! Lots of LOVE from the states!

  39. Julius   •  

    I don’t feel like complaining, I thank you for your awesome job mate..
    Don’t bother with em

  40. Kiryu   •  

    Hi, would you or this website possibly reconsider the option of applying a clock by the sidebar like under the Night Mode option or further down for better flexibility? The clock can either stay in UTC timezone or could automatically detect/adjust to the local time of the user through their location.

    Sometimes I read while having a rest in work or while commuting, so I’m not really within access of my computer which if I have, then I wouldn’t mind to just quickly search/convert UTC time to mine.

  41. NieLi   •  

    Where is oddmanout?

  42. Mordrek   •  

    It’s after 2pm yesterday… Why don’t I have tomorrow’s chapters yet?????

    In my line of work, I get this type of question all the time. I just wanted to to know how stupid I would feel asking it.

  43. kid   •  

    It’s 2 minutes passed promise deadline for today upload time.

    • Said   •  

      1hour now

  44. Jp067   •  

    Thanks for the hard work until now but it seems that today’s chapters are a little late

  45. YiYeZhiQiu   •  

    Beggars can’t be choosers, complainers should be banned

    • kid   •  

      Well, he himself promised us. To upload those chapters between 8 am – 2 pm UTC..
      It’s just a simple reminder to uphold your promises, if you wish to be known as trusted person.
      It is as simple as that.
      Perhaps tomorrow we’ll know the reason why he was late upload/posting those new chapters.

      • DNangel   •  

        He can just schedule the upload like what Odd did before and there shouldn’t be any problem. Now shit happens.

        • kid   •  

          Actually, the schedule is completely fine. As long as he could uphold his promise which is to upload them between 8 am – 2 pm UTC. Time buffer between are 6 hours, which is quite enough time, for you to keep your promise and still do your life (handle problems) IRL.

          Why does PMG team say they would upload the new chapters in those times (random time), it’s because the server got packed jammed with us, and it got unresponding. It’s like the server got bot attached (legal attack). So the solution would be to upload it in random time. That way, they/our hope the server would survive the legal attack by us, pmg fans.

          (I hope you all (readers) understand by now).
          I really hope pmg team can make the best income from their readers (pmg fans), and lived out and gave their best for their reader’s expectations.
          Please stay healthy and keep up the good work. Thanks for all the great work you all had been doing.

      • Demon king   •  

        It’s posted on the discord page .. download it from there

      • Aladanor   •     Author

        yes trusted…I tried my best and if one time beeing late for a few hours destroys all trust…I don’t want to be trusted. I try to stick to these times, but not every day is like the other. I also get complains about beeing late when I am still in time…

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