New Site Finally Here!!

Good day to you all!

I’m ecstatic to announce that we finally have the new site working well enough to move PMG on over! It has auto-indexing of chapters amongst a new look/feel. There are still somethings that we are looking to add/fix, so please look forward to these things patiently! We will be adding a new novel this week and more in the coming weeks, so please give those a look over now that PMG is getting so close to finishing! I’ve attached a link to the new site below, please enjoy!

**NOTE** We are having some of the same issues from this old site with the new due to reader peaks. Until we solve this issue we are going to post the links to the new site first on all the posts on this site and then will attach the chapters on this site just in case the server error occurs. Please go to the new site first as long as it is working so that we can induce the error and fix it! Soon, we will be making the move permanently to the new site, so feel free to make that your main homepage, all the chapters are updated and indexed automatically, so it’s easier to watch your favorite novel! Plus, there’s a search function so you can go back and find things from old chapters! More neat features soon to come.

New Site


  1. Ghaia's Delusions   •  

    Well, the thing I like the most about the new site doesn’t misspell [translations] in the website domain name…

  2. Mr. Fahrenheit   •  

    I hope Star Martial God Technique will be added ^_^

    • Alisson   •  

      I hope too, i love SMGT

      • Duan Feng   •  

        That would be fantastic!

  3. lelouch_000   •  

    All postings shall now happen in new site?

  4. Jah UniT   •  

    hmm its def an improvement over last time, but gotta say not a big fan of the way the chapters are displayed now, feels less smooth to read

  5. iBruh   •  

    The discription on PMG in the new site say that Lin Feng is put on jail in 10 years?

    • Aladanor   •  

      read it again and read the first 1 or 2 chaps yes thats correct even if its maybe not really relevant

      • David   •  

        Are the post for PMG going to be on both sites or just on the new one

      • iBruh   •  

        yeah i think i remember he was Frame-up by the girl that he save

  6. SP   •  

    I can’t access the site. Work computer won’t let me access the new website. some potential threats Sadness overload…

  7. RandomDude   •  

    New site is not even working , seems like an upgrade for sure

  8. DickyPoppins   •  

    The new chapters aren’t posted there yet so you’re not missing out.

    • DickyPoppins   •  

      The new chapters for today aren’t posted yet. The new layout seems nice.

  9. RandomGuy   •  

    Please update the chapters for both sites because your new site is still not stable.. have a lot of problem with your connection to database, you should make the database is your first priority to fix in the new site

    • OddManOut   •     Author

      We are going to be posting on both sites until we fix this issue. We ask that everyone first try the chapters on the new site so we know if the error is still there, and if there is any issue, feel free to come back to this site to read. Thank you for helping us identify the error!

  10. tomylee   •  

    New site gives me “Error establishing a database connection” all the time.

  11. iqqy chan   •  

    New site keep on crashing. Only able to read until chapter 2328.

  12. Cering   •  

    New site is slow and keeps crashing. Had to refresh more than 20 times to go to a new chapter…

    I prefer this old site… anyways, thanks for the chapters… keep it up

  13. Neto   •  

    It seems like an error with the number of connections to the database, probably using the cache or text files instead could resolve the issue (only my two cents, I don`t know the infrastructure or the logic in the website so could be other things)

  14. Bultar   •  

    Error establishing a database connection

  15. jan gabriel patriarca   •  

    Please Resolve the problem with the new site because some mobile user or a part of desktop users can access the site or it crashes on them. I really like the work you guys have done so please keep up the good work and Thank you.

    • OddManOut   •     Author

      We are working on it, but thank you for mentioning this. This is #1 on our list to fix!

  16. Fried Site Sect   •  

    A new site won’t fix your problems.
    The constant crashing and overloading still continues to be on a spree.
    Strangely enough the error is more consistant on the new website than this one.

    • OddManOut   •     Author

      Yes, I just updated this post to reflect that. We are having issues with our website programmer and this is top on our list to fix. The new site was less to address that error thought and more to add on a bunch of neat features and allow for ease of access for multiple novels

  17. Alex   •  

    New novels? not gonna continue with DTH anymore?

  18. Duan Feng   •  

    This site can’t provide a secure connection uses an unsupported protocol.

    This is what the new site say. UNSUPPORTED PROTOCOL IS TOTALLY NOT COOL. I am stuck at 2329th chapter and wont move any further 😭

  19. Zan   •  

    This is my error message, hope it helps to iron out the issues..

    This site can’t provide a secure connection uses an unsupported protocol.
    Unsupported protocol
    The client and server don’t support a common SSL protocol version or cipher suite.

    I can get around it by just manually going non secure (https to http)

  20. Cering   •  

    The new site is very very very slow

  21. iBruh   •  

    Internal Server Error
    Something went wrong. Please try your request again

    i try a thousand times refresh it.

  22. Qin Nan   •  

    500 Internal Server Error…….. Urgh…
    and Server is taking too long to respond … even refresh wont work
    F5 Dao will soon reach completion at this rate 😛

      • Cmj2303   •  

        Site is down for me too. I wonder if this due to new chapter release or server issue.

        • Icecream   •  

          I’ve been refreshing for 11 hours now…

  23. Icecream   •  

    DTH is down aswell 😉

  24. Vesper Carlo   •  

    Fellow emperors there was an update about what happen on the new site just saying so dont waste too much f5 dao in the new site

  25. Zy   •  

    Error at ch. 2328 only, anyone having the same problem ?

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