New site update

Just to give everyone a little update.


We will still be using this site for a while it seems, the new server is being DDOSed. I have someone working on fixing the issue and making it so this doesn’t happen again in the future. This is probably why 99% of you cannot access the site, we are receiving 13 million requests per minute.


Really not much else to say other than  U_U




  1. Gerrard   •  

    Thank you so much

    • Chicken   •  

      Why is your name has linked to something

  2. dcs899   •  

    They’re your.saint luck…

  3. xoxo   •  

    but there’s no update here…

  4. Said   •  

    Where is the update 4 2day?

    • Qin Nan   •  

      have patience my fellow daoist… all shall be revealed soon enough … 😉

  5. Icecream   •  

    Where can we find the DTH chapters?

    • Icecream   •  

      Found it! 😉

  6. David   •  

    So where are the chapters for today?

  7. Iqqy chan   •  

    Good thing i went back to the old site. Thanks for the chapters.

  8. DjokoKunYT   •  

    Thanks for keep trying ^^
    I really apreciate it
    Keep up the good work guys

  9. Meatbun-kun   •  

    I bet that Chinese government lend some of their hackers algorithms to some Novel Oligarchs like Qidian to perform DDoS attack on the translation sites.
    This is my favorite conspiracy theory. What’s your favorite theory?

    • OddManOut   •  

      But we paid for the rights to these novels to the owners! So we are on the legal/safe side of things. It’s probably an upset reader or a competing translating site.

      • Chaos King Saint   •  

        You are right, but fear not, we are loyal and only read on totally insane👍🏻.
        And thank you so much for your translations.

  10. Lin Feng   •  

    Whenever I load a new page the site keeps loading and doesnt finish even though everything on the page is already loaded. This may have something to do with ur “ddos” issue.

  11. KoruSensei   •  

    Seriously, use CloudFlare

  12. David Saputra   •  

    i’ve never encountered errors on the new site, even now it works fine.. just my luck i guess.

  13. Qin Nan   •  

    yeah the new site is working and there are no errors or slowing down for quite some time now

  14. No One   •  

    yeah your server expload i think

  15. Ying Yue   •  

    Today we only get 1 chapter?

      • Qin Nan   •  

        just log into new site and you will see the new chapter but, i recommend waiting for a week you can read whole 40 chapter in one go xD

  16. M1gHTy   •  

    2361 should have been part of the Sat and Sun drop. Seeing at Sat would be 6 and Sun 5 today should also be 5.

    • Late Update Saint King   •  

      There are 11 chapters from 2350 to 2360 though.
      1. 2350
      2. 2351
      3. 2352
      4. 2353
      5. 2354
      6. 2355
      7. 2356
      8. 2357
      9. 2358
      10. 2359
      11. 2360

      • M1gHTy   •  

        WAaaaaa I’m sorry 😛

  17. Vesper Carlo   •  

    My patience dao is at its peak i will breakthrough so i will try again tomorrow

    • Conanmori   •  

      Meanwhile mine still at cosmic energy. Lol

      • Brandon   •  

        im on intent

  18. Somto   •  

    2361 on the new site

    But yesterday’s posts unavailable

    • Vesper Carlo   •  

      no available chapters

  19. Kingley   •  

    I need my daily dose of PMG </3 🙁

  20. Fluffy the Destroyer   •  

    Im getting withdrawals I need my stuff man, hand it over

  21. Lee   •  

    People need to calm down. As much as I want the chapters to come quick, I also understand that there are problems with the website. They have been doing such a wonderful job and in my experience reading the novel in this site, they have never disappointed me with the release of chapters. For Saturday they released it together with the Sunday chapters. They are really trying hard for us.

    • Somto   •  

      You are right.
      Would love to get some updates on how the progress is going.
      I think that would be nice.

      Overall, they are really doing a fantastic job.

    • VSVR   •  

      here comes another optimistic and positive saint similar to me

  22. CrazyLazy   •  

    Where to read 2 sites not good. So confusing.!

    • Lee   •  

      I reload on both sites.

  23. Kenneth White   •  

    Thanks for keep us posted on the goings on, on the new site… working out the kinks! We’ll all just have to keep checking back.

  24. Dut   •  

    Why my comment is not posting?

  25. Cliffhanger Kun   •  

    Bwahahahahaha! So this is what the cliffhanger celestial dao does when it reaches the saint level. Wahahahahaha!
    This is is fun.


  26. Srknth23   •  

    What is taking you people so long for the next chapters to release….it’s been 3 days

  27. Srknth23   •  

    Where are the chapters after 2361

  28. Wo Ling   •  

    Is a strategy to push for last moment sales on Patreon? The new site doesn’t look like it DDOSed. 🙂

    • notsaneinthebrain   •     Author

      Our vesta was hacked and DDOS something was installed. A patreon push would be better at the start of a month 😛 not when I am trying to launch a new novel xDDDD

  29. Wo Ling   •  

    where’s is my comment

  30. Tian Short   •  

    Millions of readers are waiting for the Meeting of the Continent of the 69 clouds it has been four days since their arrival but no one has annnounced anything yet.
    The people suspect that there might have been problems and their primary suspect is the bastard Cliffhanger – kun.

    Meanwhile a top of a mountain a man with clean white robes with hair flowing with the wind is cross legged, he looks unfathomable and is not affected by earthly events. “Finally i have ascended the Dao and have reached holiness nothing can stop me now from ruining people’s enjoyment i shall destroy this world and create my own world muwahahahaha”. Just you wait for me notsaneinthebrain I will destroy your new world. Cliffhanger kun turned into a beam of light and was headed towards notsaneinthebrain.

    At the entrance of the Totallytranslations Palace a young ugly bastard suddenly appeared. He condensed saint’s technique and punched towards the palace. The world shook and the people inside were suddenly terrified of the extreme pressure. Who was that? Who could possibly make our master’s world shake this much? The ugly bastard was in fact Cliffhanger Kun, he kept bombarding the palace and the world inside it keep on shaking. Suddenly terrifying cultivators emerged from the palace. Who dares attack our master’s world? How insolent!
    Said one of the strong cultivators. You may be strong but you cannot defeat all of us. “Why don’t you see for yourself? Come and attack me all at once you useless dogs!” Cliffhanger Kun shouted arrogantly. Since you want to die so much then Die! Waves of cosmic energies and celestial Dao bombarded towards Cliffhanger Kun. Hmph! He might be strong but he cannot possibly withstand all of our combined saint’s techniques. “Muwahahahahahaha so this is what is like to havr ascended the Dao your powers are useless before me!” The terrifying cultivators of the notsaninthebrain palace all pulled a long face. But of course they tried to hide their astonishment.

    How could you possibly survive all of our combined saint’s techniques? Asked one of the cultivators from notsaneinthebrain palace.
    “Simple i have understood that my true Dao is the DDoS dao, nothing can affect me but i can alter everything! I will show you how i will destroy your Totallytranslation world”

    No it cannot be! You were the forbidden person all along? But you are so ugly this is not possible!

    Cliffhanger Kun condensed.DDoS Dao in both his fists and suddenly the space around him seems like it is gonna explode anytime. Die! Die! Die! Cliffhanger Kun punched towards the palace and a huge Ancient word appeared it read as “DDoS” it became larger and larger and it slowly appraoched the palace. All ten thousand things of creation that were touched by the ancient word instantly turned into codes then vanished. The ancient word accelerated towards the palace and the cultivators suddenly vanished. They were killed in a blink of an eye!
    Muwahahahahahahahha what are you gonna do now notsaneinthebrain? Shouted the ugly bastard!!!

    To be continued…

    • Duan Feng   •  

      LOL you really spent a quite time for this aren’t you? But bro this is amazing 😂

    • Cliffhanger Kun   •  



    • xoxo   •  

      someone got sooooooo much time in their hands XD nice one, keep it up!

    • Qin nan   •  

      Hahahaha … Nice one .. hats off !!!!

  31. jan gabriel patriarca   •  

    Pls put some of the new chapters here from nov 1 because while I’m reading at the new site the attack got me while I’m loading the next chapter and can’t get in to ever since. Plsss I beg to publish something here as I’m pretty sure I would have my withdrawals in a few days without PMG like the other cultivators who are fond of PMG and this site.

  32. Jaden   •  

    Can anyone give the link to the new website pls? Thanks so much

  33. Iqqy Chan   •  

    Thanks soo much for the latest chapters. Unfortunately, we are unable to give comments on the new website.

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