Chapter 27: Self Confidence

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“There are certain people in the world who are perverts, some are degenerates and there are others who are not serious about practicing the art of cultivation. The only thing they have in common is their filthy and perverted thoughts.” Thought Liu Fei as she saw that Lin Feng was looking at her while laughing.


“I need to ask, how many lives do you have to act so foolishly?”  she asked with a hint of anger.

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Chapter 26: You Again!

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Lin Feng was only at the eighth Qi layer but Lu Liang still perceived Lin Feng as a threat. Lin Feng was absolutely convinced that if he had reached the ninth Qi layer then this would be a completely balanced fight between them.


“Nine Heavy Waves.” The atmosphere filled with an oppressive aura as the waves poured from Lin Feng’s fist. The colossal shock waves surged towards Lu Liang.

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Chapter 25: The power within the Ling Qi layer

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Ten days later, Lin Feng’s Qi had become much stronger. There was a brilliant milky white aura around him as he sat meditating.


Outside his training cave there were two silhouettes in the distance who were getting closer and closer to the cave in which Lin Feng was cultivating.

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Chapter 24: A Strong Heart

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Mo Xie Looked down and saw the dark shadow which was moving under his skin. It gave him an ice cold sensation which ran all the way down his spine. What sort of nightmarish thing is this to be moving under the skin of its victim? He could feel that he no longer had control of his own body.

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Chapter 23: The Terrifying Shadow

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Chapter 22: An arm for an arm

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“That guy is really brave. He actually dares to speak back to an Elder.”


“He’s a madman who acts recklessly. It seems like he’s tired of living.”


The crowd was discussing loudly looking on with eyes filled with pity. They obviously hadn’t expected Lin Feng to be audacious enough to directly confront an Elder.


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Chapter 21: Questioning an Elder

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In order not to draw other people’s attention and to remain discreet, Protector Bei had decided to make Lin Feng move to another room which was also designed for Ordinary disciples, but it was situated in the forest, far away from many disciples.


Lin Feng could not wait and started heading towards Han Man. When he passed his new training room, he didn’t even give it a glance and continued forward.


”Lin Feng.”


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Chapter 20: The Unknown Force

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The sound of the drums from the Precipice of Zhangu had given an unprecedented shock to the members of the Yun Hai Sect. Each time they thought the beating sound of the drums would stop, another one was heard.


When the seventh drum sound was heard, the Yun Hai Sect members quieted down. Only the pure sound made from beating the drums was remaining in the total silence that had spread across the Sect.


The entire Yun Hai Sect was still in confusion but many had the feeling of good fortune arriving on the sect. It was as if the vibrations in the air and sound coming from those drums were the only things left in the universe. It was as if the entire Yun Hai Sect and even the entire universe was enveloped by the power of those drums.


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Chapter 19: Three hundred years

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Lin Feng had completely released his dark spirit. Sweat was dripping all over his body as he struggled with every breath.


The attacks had become overwhelmingly powerful. Lin Feng was definitely an exceptional talent which could only be seen every ten thousand years. It was almost like he was wielding ten thousand swords simultaneously. The thunderous roars had consumed the entire atmosphere within the precipice.


Lin Feng was stunned at the progress he had made. He was able to predict when and how the counterattacks would strike back at him. He didn’t stop attacking the drums for even a single second. If he stopped even briefly, the sword Qi from a single counterattack would crush him. Lin Feng had not anticipated this kind of situation.


“How did it become powerful?” Lin Feng had thousands of theories but could not comprehend his current situation. Lin Feng was never able to release such a powerful energy, so how could his returned energy be so much stronger. Even a Cultivator who had reached the Ling Qi layer would find it hard to release such a powerful attack.


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Chapter 18: Emerging Power

Over the Precipice of Zhangu, a strong wind was whistling. Sword Qi could be seen shooting in every direction. An insanely strong wind could be seen on the edge of the cliff, it was a powerful whirlwind of sword Qi.


The sword Qi became thicker and more violent as you moved closer to the eight drums. Unending whistling noises as well as thunderous roars were filling the atmosphere and causing a violent wind to appear all around.


Lin Feng forgot how many times he had used his roaring thunder skill to strike at the drums. The Qi released from the sword became a transparent layer around Lin Feng’s body in an attempt to protect him from any attacks. The powerful sword attacks continued bombarding the drums. Lin Feng’s body was covered with wounds from head to toe. Some wounds were scratches while others were so deep you could see the bone. Anyone who could see him would think he had just fought in the most terrible of battles.


But it seemed like Lin Feng had forgotten everything, He was immersed in the infinite Qi of his sword and began unlocking its mysteries, defending himself, attacking, defending himself, attacking again…


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