Chapter 34: The Final Eight Part 2

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“It seems like today is my lucky day.” Said Lin Li while getting onto the battle stage and facing Lin Feng.


Lin Feng was completely expressionless. When he saw Lin Li’s resplendent smile, he thought: “Lucky Day, eh?” Lin Li was maybe going to think differently a short instant later.

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Chapter 33: The Final Eight Part 1

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“What do you want?” asked the Second Elder whose voice was trembling as he watched Lin Hai approach.


The crowd had been astonished by Lin Feng’s performance. At that moment the crowd had just noticed that Lin Hai was already on the battle stage and was approaching the second elder.


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Chapter 32: The First Blow

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Half an hour later, the first round which consisted of eliminating the weakest clan members had finally come to a conclusion. Only thirty two clan members were still on the stage. The ones who had been eliminated were mostly at the fifth or sixth Qi layer and were not very strong compared to the talented disciples within the clan. There were also some clan members who had reached the seventh Qi layer but who had run out of luck during the fights and been eliminated. Others had been attacked by multiple opponents and were knocked off stage using their numbers.

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Chapter 31: Let The Fun Begin!

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Lin Hai and Lin Feng were moving towards the host who was standing on the large stage. On a platform to the side with a raised seating area sat Lin Ba Dao, Lin Zhen, Lin Hao Ran and Lin Qian. They were sitting upright with their heads held high, setting themselves high above the others as if they were the masters of the Lin family.


When the clan elder Lin Zhen saw that Lin Hai and Lin Feng were approaching, he stood up and said in a clear loud voice: “you have finally arrived, we are thus ready to start the annual meeting.”

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Chapter 30: The Annual Meeting

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When Qian Li Xue entered the territory of the Lin Clan, it attracted the attention of a large majority of the Lin Clan members.


“Lin Feng has come back. I wonder what Cultivation level he has reached now?”


“Hehe. He came back but there’s only possibility: he will lose face for his father and himself at the annual meeting. The sons and daughters of the upper members within the clan are all incredibly powerful now. Even though Lin Feng has reached the seventh Qi layer, he is still very weak.”

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Chapter 29: Teasing

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Lin Feng had a cold smile on his face. He reached towards the table, grabbed a cup of wine, inclined the cup and slowly poured it over Gu Song’s head.


Everybody stopped talking looked stupefied. They obviously would have never thought that Lin Feng would dare to retaliate to such humiliation and they especially never thought he would actually pour wine over Gu Song’s head.


The entire crowd was shocked and continued watching the scene with interest, especially Lin Yu who had a resplendent smile on his face. Not only was he able to see Gu Song lose face but he was also going to be able to see that piece of trash get crushed by Gu Song. That wonderful scene was taking place right before his eyes, how could he not be happy?

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Chapter 28: The Whistle Wind Restaurant

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The end of the year was approaching and Yangzhou City was bustling with activity. Numerous disciples would return home from their various sects and visit their family members.


At the end of the year, all the cities and villages of the country had a grand annual meeting. In The world of cultivators these annual meetings were about showcasing talent and gaining recognition within their family.

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Chapter 27: Self Confidence

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“There are certain people in the world who are perverts, some are degenerates and there are others who are not serious about practicing the art of cultivation. The only thing they have in common is their filthy and perverted thoughts.” Thought Liu Fei as she saw that Lin Feng was looking at her while laughing.


“I need to ask, how many lives do you have to act so foolishly?”  she asked with a hint of anger.

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Chapter 26: You Again!

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Lin Feng was only at the eighth Qi layer but Lu Liang still perceived Lin Feng as a threat. Lin Feng was absolutely convinced that if he had reached the ninth Qi layer then this would be a completely balanced fight between them.


“Nine Heavy Waves.” The atmosphere filled with an oppressive aura as the waves poured from Lin Feng’s fist. The colossal shock waves surged towards Lu Liang.

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Chapter 25: The power within the Ling Qi layer

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Ten days later, Lin Feng’s Qi had become much stronger. There was a brilliant milky white aura around him as he sat meditating.


Outside his training cave there were two silhouettes in the distance who were getting closer and closer to the cave in which Lin Feng was cultivating.

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