Chapter 20: The Unknown Force

Lin Feng once again stuck the drums with all his force. However because the drums were so old, they simply crumbled to dust. How would the sect react now that he had destroyed the ancient test?? lol

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The sound of the drums from the Precipice of Zhangu had given an unprecedented shock to the members of the Yun Hai Sect. Each time they thought the beating sound of the drums would stop, another one was heard.


When the seventh drum sound was heard, the Yun Hai Sect members quieted down. Only the pure sound made from beating the drums was remaining in the total silence that had spread across the Sect.


The entire Yun Hai Sect was still in confusion but many had the feeling of good fortune arriving on the sect. It was as if the vibrations in the air and sound coming from those drums were the only things left in the universe. It was as if the entire Yun Hai Sect and even the entire universe was enveloped by the power of those drums.


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Chapter 19: Three hundred years

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Lin Feng had completely released his dark spirit. Sweat was dripping all over his body as he struggled with every breath.


The attacks had become overwhelmingly powerful. Lin Feng was definitely an exceptional talent which could only be seen every ten thousand years. It was almost like he was wielding ten thousand swords simultaneously. The thunderous roars had consumed the entire atmosphere within the precipice.


Lin Feng was stunned at the progress he had made. He was able to predict when and how the counterattacks would strike back at him. He didn’t stop attacking the drums for even a single second. If he stopped even briefly, the sword Qi from a single counterattack would crush him. Lin Feng had not anticipated this kind of situation.


“How did it become powerful?” Lin Feng had thousands of theories but could not comprehend his current situation. Lin Feng was never able to release such a powerful energy, so how could his returned energy be so much stronger. Even a Cultivator who had reached the Ling Qi layer would find it hard to release such a powerful attack.


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Chapter 18: Emerging Power

Over the Precipice of Zhangu, a strong wind was whistling. Sword Qi could be seen shooting in every direction. An insanely strong wind could be seen on the edge of the cliff, it was a powerful whirlwind of sword Qi.


The sword Qi became thicker and more violent as you moved closer to the eight drums. Unending whistling noises as well as thunderous roars were filling the atmosphere and causing a violent wind to appear all around.


Lin Feng forgot how many times he had used his roaring thunder skill to strike at the drums. The Qi released from the sword became a transparent layer around Lin Feng’s body in an attempt to protect him from any attacks. The powerful sword attacks continued bombarding the drums. Lin Feng’s body was covered with wounds from head to toe. Some wounds were scratches while others were so deep you could see the bone. Anyone who could see him would think he had just fought in the most terrible of battles.


But it seemed like Lin Feng had forgotten everything, He was immersed in the infinite Qi of his sword and began unlocking its mysteries, defending himself, attacking, defending himself, attacking again…


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Chapter 17: The Precipice of Zhangu

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Lin Feng and Jing Yun were in Han Man’s room, they were staring at Han Man and worriedly looking at his injuries.


“These injuries are very serious.” said Lin Feng while checking Han Man’s injuries. Although cultivators had a higher natural healing ability than other people, his injuries were very serious. It seemed like every part of his body had been damaged from his broken bones to internal injuries inflicted on his organs. It would be impossible for him to recover without any assistance.


“No problem, my life has always been tough. I won’t die so easily.” said Han Man with an optimistic smile.


“What about your cultivation?” Said Lin Feng staring at him. Han Man dodged Lin Feng’s glance. He couldn’t look at Lin Feng’s eyes. That’s right, even though he wasn’t going to die, his cultivation was damaged and without proper care he would eventually turn into a cripple, with less strength than even an ordinary person.


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Chapter 16: The way of the world

Lin Feng was wearing a mask so nobody could recognize him, even though he wouldn’t be recognized by the top disciples who populated gorge. He had mastered the Nine Heavy Waves technique as well as the Roaring Thunder skill which proved he was a monstrous talent and would definitely draw attention.


Jing Hao was the sixth strongest disciple within the sect ranking system and was above Lin Feng in cultivation at the ninth Qi layer. Jing Hao had made his name famous by defeating three disciples who were also at the ninth Qi layer in a three-on-one battle.


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Chapter 15: Battle in the Life or Death arena (part 3)

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“BOOM!” “Ha ha ha”


Jiang Huai circled around and attacked the defenseless Han Man from behind. He didn’t intend to let him get even the smallest chance to rest. He punched Han Man repeatedly as the powder had blinded him. The sound of Han Man’s bones cracking and a loud spine chilling shriek filled the air. However this was drowned out by the laughing of Jiang Huai who was taking joy in every last moment of Han Man’s suffering.


“That guy really is shameless. He must have planned to use that powder from the start. How despicable!” There were more and more people gathering around the Life or Death arena. Some of them were talking to other disciples all had their eyes fixated on the fight.


“In The Life or Death Arena there is no rules on fighting fairly, you can resort to whichever method needed to win.” said Jing Hao.


Nonetheless, Lin Feng acted as if he hadn’t heard that remark and moved towards the arena, suddenly Jing Hao blocked the way, there would be no saving Han Man as his punishment was to be beaten to death in front of everyone.


“Let me pass.” Said Lin Feng.


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Chapter 14: Battle in the Life or Death Arena (Part 2)

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Jing Yun continued to stay close to Lin Feng’s side. She was only at the seventh Qi layer and was too weak for her to be left alone. The seventh Qi layer was the lowest level in the Stormy Gorge so that wasn’t adequate for her to go out and battle other disciples.


Han Man understood Lin Feng’s intentions by leaving him alone. If Lin Feng was constantly at his side protecting him then he wouldn’t be able to fight and gain experience at all. It was crucial for him to rely on his own strength from this point onward.


Walking alone in the Stormy Gorge did not require much time before someone approached him. He could see the person’s eyes through the mask which revealed a clear intention to fight.


There was no time for an exchange of words. The disciple immediately charged into Han Man while raising his fist emanating a powerful Qi.


“How unlucky, Han Man has run into a Cultivator of the ninth Qi layer.” said Lin Feng while smiling and observing from a distance. Han Man had already guessed his opponent’s level from the powerful Qi that he was releasing from his fist. He had no time to worry about the difference in strength; he concentrated the Qi of his entire body into his fist and then released all the strength he had in one strike while giving a loud and powerful shout.


The power of this punch had made Han Man step back a few meters while his opponent hadn’t moved a single inch. It was as if his fist had struck against an iron wall and it was obvious from a single exchange which of them was stronger.


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Chapter 13: Battle in the Life or Death Arena (Part 1)

Lin Feng didn’t continue his training in the Stormy Gorge. Instead he decided to leave the gorge and was once again standing at the top of the cliff looking down upon the gorge.


Looking down into the gorge he could see it was a boundless canyon as far as the eye could see. There were thousands of people inside training. It was a place filled with endless battles and cultivation. That was the Yun Hai sect’s culture which bred the strongest cultivators. Here you would be beaten to within an inch of life and forced to climb back to the sect with your broken body. Only the strong will thrive here and the weak will be the fertilizer for the strong to grow.


Lin Feng walked around the canyon outside the Stormy Gorge and to his surprise came across some of his friends. He was happy to see Han Man and Jing Yun again so quickly.


“Lin Feng” shouted Jing Yun. She couldn’t hold in her excitement meeting Lin Feng again.


“Jing Yun, how is it possible that you are even more beautiful than the last time I saw you” said Lin Feng complimenting her while smiling sheepishly.


In comparison with a few days before, Jing Yun really had become even more beautiful and pure. Lin Feng knew it was because of the beauty pills, but he never would have thought it would have such a great effect.


Jing Yun blushed when she heard Lin Feng and couldn’t help but look away. She said in a soft voice: “Why are you bringing that up?”


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Chapter 12: Lin Feng’s spirit

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In the city of Yangzhou was the Lin’s family house. Lin Hai was sitting alone in one of the rooms longingly staring at a portrait on the wall.


It was the portrait of an extremely beautiful woman. Her eyes were a deep blue like a calm ocean. Shockingly there was a ferocious beast which was wrapped around her shoulders. It looked like a snake but that was not the impression it would give, it held its head high looking down at everything as if an ancient god looking down at the insignificant creatures below. Its eyes from this portrait alone would burn deeply into your soul and leave a lasting impression.


“Meng He it looks like little Lin Feng has finally become an adult. I see more of you inside him every day and he even inherited your spirit. Maybe he doesn’t know what this spirit means but by the time his spirit awakens, He will see how great a gift his mother has given him”


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Chapter 11: Revenge

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Three days after returning, Lin Feng was sitting in his room meditating. He could sense the vital Qi of heaven and earth much more clearly. A thin mist had appeared in the air of his room emanating a faint multicolored glow.


Floating near Lin Feng’s body was the illusory dark spirit and it seemed to be absorbing the essence of the universe and combining itself with the universe’s power. If Lin Feng had been able to see his spirit then he would have noticed that his dark spirit had become more defined and was taking on the shape of a human figure.


At that moment, the vital Qi of heaven and earth surrounding Lin Feng suddenly penetrated and flooded his whole body rushing towards his dantian. His eyes opened completely shocked at what had occurred because an abnormal essence had penetrated into him and was circulating within his body. The vital Qi which had invaded his body had caused him to break through to the eighth Qi layer.


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