Chapter 10: Life or Death arena

Looking at Lin Feng as if he was an unreachable hero, Han Man grinned: “we’re like brothers. You killed Jing Feng. We would not have had the conviction to act. We will all share the responsibility for it. People may call me many things, but no one has ever called me a coward.”


He had easily grasped the real reason why Lin Feng had killed Jing Feng. He had done everything with his own hands as he didn’t want to get them involved in any future trouble. Han Man felt true admiration for Lin Feng. Lin Feng’s heart was true and his kind actions made his pure intentions easily seen through.


“Exactly, if there are consequences then we can share the burden together. Besides, Yun Hai sect’s disciples are not permitted to kill each other, so we are safe within the sect. Even if Jing Hao was suspicious that we had killed Jing Feng, he could not retaliate ” Qing Yi determined.


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Chapter 9: throat slitting sword

“Arghh!” Lin Feng had noticed his mistake while stepping forwards.


He had just made a small step. It scared Jing Yun gulped as the fear welled up in her throat. What did Lin Feng intend to do? The hell wolf was the second cruelest beast after the soul spirit beast. Even some of the most skilled Cultivators who reached the ninth Qi layer would have no other choice but to run and escape from a hell wolf.


Without taking the time to tell them what he was about to do, Lin Feng had started running towards the hell wolf, gaining more and more speed with each step.


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Chapter 8: Hell Wolf

Lin Feng’s words made Jing Yun stupefied the two others, they glanced at Lin Feng with astonishment. Immediately after that, they saw Lin Feng dash forward without hesitation.


“Lin Feng, this is not the right situation to show off your abilities”, Jing Yun said worryingly. Even though they had never seen Lin Feng in a fight, they all knew he was well known for being a piece of trash. Even if these days, Lin Feng had been exerting himself to train really hard, his level was at most the same as theirs, but he wanted to see if his strength matched that of a level eight brutal ape, how could that be possible?


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Chapter 7: Black Wind Mountain

After some time Lin Feng finally arrived in a safe place. Cold feelings filled his heart. He was thinking about how the strong controlled the world and dominated the weak. He could see from this encounter that those with power in this world have no regard for human life. Indeed, if they felt like killing, then they would just kill, provided they were strong enough.


He had had no intentions when going to the place where he saw the ray of sunlight inside a cave. He had just gone there to have a look and was going to leave as fast as he had went there. However, Liu Fei had wanted to kill him even though they were both Yun Hai sect’s disciples.


“Those who have the arrow spirit have the ability to track people and engage in a battle with them using long range attacks while keeping their distance. But in the case of a close fight, I certainly would be able to kill her in one hit.” Lin Feng thought using the sword was quite a satisfying experience. His speed was as fast as lightening and his strikes like thunder splitting the air. The arrow getting so near and then breaking into two was a sign that he hadn’t been wasting his time training that much. He hadn’t endured all this in vain.


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Chapter 6: the arrow spirit

The Yun Hai sect was surrounded by eight mountain peaks. Each of these mountains was connected with the other in perfect harmony. Yun Hai sect’s disciples could thus easily go to these high-altitude mountain peaks. These mountains, which made the region a blessed heaven, were filled with caves where disciples could go and concentrate on their training in peace. These mountains were extraordinarily high and covered a vast area. Going to these mountains was therefore an easy way to find peace and tranquility for cultivation.


Lin Feng was walking over a precipice decorated by overhanging rocks. He was surrounded by perilous cliffs and precipices. When looking around him, he could see a boundless sea of clouds. Such a sight would make anyone feel carefree, relaxed and joyful.


However, Lin Feng did have the heart to enjoy the sight. He had been uninterruptedly practicing the sword unsheathing skill over and over again.


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Chapter 5: Unsheathing the sword

Ten thousand miles separated Yang Zhou City from the Yun Hai sect, even though Li Xue could travel across a thousand miles a day, it still took Lin Feng ten days to arrive.


However, during these ten days, Lin Feng didn’t waste time. In his previous life, Lin Feng had never been that warm-blooded, He had never experienced such a feeling of ardor. Unwittingly, his state of mind had improved greatly. Walking on the path of cultivation had now enabled him to reach the seventh Qi layer. “Where water flows, a canal is formed” as the saying goes. Besides, practicing had enabled him to master the Nine Heavy Waves martial arts technique to a new level.


These days, Lin Feng possessed a much more powerful physical strength than in his previous life. His actual strength was actually close to 8500 jin which was immensely powerful for the seventh Qi Layer of cultivation.


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Chapter 4: Wielding A Sword – Alice <3

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When Lin Feng finished speaking, the whole field had quietened down.

Lin Feng took the initiative to issue a challenge to Lin Yun?

Even Lin Hai was stunned and looked at his son in surprise. The elders on top of the platform who were preparing to leave, sat back down and looked at Lin Feng with great interest.

Lin Hao Ran gave a cold smile yet his heart at this moment was suppressing his anger. He did not expect that the trash would take the initiative to fight his son.

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Chapter 3: Overbearing Violence – Alice <3

This was done by a translation group – Alice Translations. They stopped translating altogether so I have picked this up after chapter 4.

Chapter 3: Overbearing Violence – Alice <3

Early in the morning, the Lin Family appeared especially lively. This was due to the family meeting that was occurring soon and everyone is heading towards the field in the middle of the mansion.

“Did you hear? This time, not only did eldest uncle come, but third uncle came as well. Looks like this time they are all aiming for the family head seat.”

“He He, although the patriarch is strong, however that trash of a son might have already died. He was even sent back personally by people of the Yun Hai Sect, totally disgracing the face of the Lin Family. In addition, eldest uncle is always displeased with the patriarch. He would surely use this chance to launch an attack. Who knows, the family head seat might change its owner today.”

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Chapter 2: Continuous Breakthrough – Alice <3

This was done by a translation group – Alice Translations. They stopped translating altogether so I have picked this up after chapter 4.

Chapter 2: Continuous Breakthrough

“Xiao Feng.” The voice came from the middle-aged man standing in the courtyard. This person with a strong body and disposition looked somewhat similar to Lin Feng.

“Father” he was indeed the head of the Lin Clan and he is also Lin Feng’s father. Due to the soul fusion, Lin Feng currently possesses both the thoughts and feelings of the previous Lin Feng. Thus, he felt natural calling that person, father.

“Xiao Feng, you’re….ok!” Lin Hai’s face quivered. Lin Feng was sent back to the Lin Clan with his life hanging by a piece of thread and all this while he had been in a comatose state. Lin Hai had already lost all hope and started to help Lin Feng prepare his funeral. But at this moment, he was surprised to see that his son alive. How could he not be delighted?

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Chapter 1: Spirit Awakening – Alice <3

This was done by a translation group – Alice Translations. They stopped translating altogether so I have picked this up after chapter 4.

Martial arts. It decides your fate as well as your life and death. The weak is humiliated while the strong looks down on the world.

Martial Spirit. The innate talent of the people in the continent is considered as the warrior’s soul. It can be said that the achievements of a warrior is closely linked to their martial spirit.

There are numerous types of martial spirit. Nature spirits such as fire, ice, hurricanes, lighting, etc. Weapon spirits such as knifes, guns, swords and halberd. Beast spirits such as the white tiger, the crazy rhinoceros, the violent ape and the dragon snake. In addition there are also many powerful soul spirits such as the immortal spirit.

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