PMG Chapter 2350-2360

Hello there I uploaded Saturdays and Sundays chaps! They will be posted again on the new site and have currently no Next chapter link on them Sorry for the inconvenients.

And FYI i don’t have access to the new site it only showes me various errors and I still wait till its fixed or the ddos attack ended or whatever really happens to the new site.

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New site update

Just to give everyone a little update.


We will still be using this site for a while it seems, the new server is being DDOSed. I have someone working on fixing the issue and making it so this doesn’t happen again in the future. This is probably why 99% of you cannot access the site, we are receiving 13 million requests per minute.


Really not much else to say other thanĀ  U_U



New Site Finally Here!!

Good day to you all!

I’m ecstatic to announce that we finally have the new site working well enough to move PMG on over! It has auto-indexing of chapters amongst a new look/feel. There are still somethings that we are looking to add/fix, so please look forward to these things patiently! We will be adding a new novel this week and more in the coming weeks, so please give those a look over now that PMG is getting so close to finishing! I’ve attached a link to the new site below, please enjoy!

**NOTE** We are having some of the same issues from this old site with the new due to reader peaks. Until we solve this issue we are going to post the links to the new site first on all the posts on this site and then will attach the chapters on this site just in case the server error occurs. Please go to the new site first as long as it is working so that we can induce the error and fix it! Soon, we will be making the move permanently to the new site, so feel free to make that your main homepage, all the chapters are updated and indexed automatically, so it’s easier to watch your favorite novel! Plus, there’s a search function so you can go back and find things from old chapters! More neat features soon to come.

New Site