Patreon Goal Met!

By now I’m sure most of you have heard that we passed our 6,400$ patreon goal, which means 8 more regular chapters each week (including this one) and 20 bonus chapters. It is now 5 am and I have been editing all night to gift all our patreons their chapters. Posting chapters on the patreon site only takes ~20 minutes while posting 20 chapters on this site will take ~1 hour. So, with great regret, I have made the decision to sleep now and post the 20 chapters when I wake up, whenever that may be. I will be posting the 20 bonus chapters today. I will then post the remaining 31/35 chapters Tue-Fri, something like 8 chapters/day (one day will have to be 7). For those wondering about future patreon goals, we will have them, but we are seeing what our amazing translator can manage as well as looking at a site remodel. It might be a week or more until the new goals are made.
Thank you all, Patreons!