Peerless Martial God Chapter 531

Translator: NotSaneInTheBrain
Edited by: Odd Man Out

2/14 from the ones that were missing from a couple weeks back.

Liky: Someone left me a nice note on this chapter ­čśÉ saying who said 5 this weekend well let’s end it here now and continue later on……

P.S. we also have a new editor :3 they started on the later chapters so you will see them soon

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Peerless Martial God Chapter 527

Translator: NotSaneInTheBrain
Edited by: Doodlegirl

Please welcome one of our new editors Doodlegirl, Doodlegirl is one of the two new editors, the other one will be introduced later ­čśÇ

P.S. There are a couple of new chapters that should be released during the weekend guaranteed at least 5.

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Peerless Martial God 526

Translator: NotSaneInTheBrain
Editor:┬áNone because I am impatient ­čśŤ

Edited: Liky looked it over.


Please check out our editor recruitment as we need someone who can help work on all the PMG chapters that need editing. Ty xox ­čśÇ


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Devouring the Heavens Chapter 151

Translator: Pan
TLC: Notsaneinthebrain
Editor: LikyLiky

Liky: 1st one out of the three I have the other two will be released within 24 hours of this one because I have a doctor appointment tomorrow, that’s all I have for now.

Also Happy new year, Hopefully someone’s resolution is to┬ámanage their time ­čśŤ

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Peerless Martial God 525

Translator: NotSaneInTheBrain
Editor: LikyLiky

Regular PMG Chapter 1/9 for this week (includes the missing ones)

So it’s only going to be this one chapter for now but the other chapters of PMG and DtH will be released around next week?

Yay finished 4 finals still have more to go……… Hopefully everyone is doing well on their finals. Also, Happy holidays since Christmas┬áand Hanukkah┬áand anything else coming up soon.

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