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Hi All,


After seeing some of the recent comments, I felt the need to post a short announcement regarding comments on this website whilst also addressing issues raised in these comments.

1: Patreon Goals for bonus chapters.

The Patreon goals have always been public and openly accessible on our Patreon page.

People are requesting bonus chapters which were never promised and insulting staff from the site. I can understand the frustration of wanting more chapters, but this behaviour will not be tolerated.

On the Patreon goal issue. The information has always been there.

Nothing has changed. Nothing has been deleted.

Bonus chapter are released as and when promised.

Patreon support can confirm this for you.


2: Comments on the site.


We all get upset, but I will not tolerate people slandering or insulting any of the staff on this project.

OddManOut is doing his best to edit and post chapters, while also going the extra mile to make sure all of your questions are answered. So I expect for people to have some common decency and not speak to him like many arrogant young nobles speak to Lin Feng.

So if you cannot show even common decency, we cannot show your comments.

P.s Changing your name to post accusations and insults, pretending to be multiple people… why?


3: Spoilers


No spoilers in comments please!


There is a new site in the works, hopefully we will get a forum up and running for readers to actively discuss spoilers or maybe even a show spoilers tag for comments.


Sorry for the long rant, but everyone is working hard here. Sometimes it needs to be said.


On Another note…… A special thank you for all the readers who rushed to defend OddManOut and the site 😀


Thank you 😀


  1. PMG fan   •  

    Thank you for your hard work all the time. All the people who are too impatient go read some machine learning translation.

  2. Felipe   •  

    thanks for the hard work

  3. Trashtalk1234   •  

    What insolent trash. How dare you offend our emperor translators and editors?

    Keep up the good work, and thank you for your efforts!

  4. Method T   •  

    As someone who is accustomed to waiting my sweet time for translations on projects. I have to say, I enjoy PMG and the speed which TI Translations goes through it all, especially when it has been such a massive increase in workflow since the subbed webcomic popped up on manga sites, drawing interest to the novel.

    The translation speed means I don’t have to wait a month to see if I can’t guess where the plot is heading for Lin Feng and friends. I especially love the mentors he respects, they actually seem sensible unlike half the cast.

    On an unrelated note, did they just abandon the whole isekai reincarnation gimmick they started with entirely? I forgot it was a thing until I started typing this post.

  5. Showme   •  

    Sad some people just have to try and ruin a good thing. I’ve been reading this novel for a long time even back when the translator needed to take a really long break. You should be happy there’s been a steady pace of chapters it’s not always been that way. It’s a great novel and it’s translated awesomely thanks for all the hard work and dedication.

  6. Kryz   •  

    Ban the haters IP. I mean this scanlations take a lot of work and time, not everyone is up to the task and those who have the time like myself dont have the knowledge to translate from such a difficult language as chinese. So Pipe down folks these people are doing an awesome work. Now Ima get my dose of PMG drug :3

  7. Jah UniT   •  

    the first chinese light novel i read was PMG, i caught up after a week or two and since then have been getting 1 page per month..what the translators patreons and sponsors have done for this novel is amazing and I am so grateful. have followed since finding the manga on release, (dec/early jan) it has been awesome and fullfilling. i remember getting the 10 bonus chapters and i dont recall any other bonuses until 6.4k. i can understand ppl saying there should’ve been more bonuses in between 2.4 and 6.4k. but this was never a secret, it was always there to be seen and accepted. anyeone who actually believes there should be more due to something they believe they say, can’t count. and anyone else knows they are just trying to fool ppl. thank you so much for the hardwork, I am so appreciactive for the regular (DAILY) chapters!

    • Jah UniT   •  

      oops i meant first Light Novel was TDG*

      • PhSavatage   •  

        Same lol

  8. dream   •  

    thank’s to your hardwork, and now patreon has reached 6.034, looks like we can reach 6.400 patreon this week, thank’s to patreons for spend their money, so for free reader like me can get more chapter…

  9. Gali   •  

    Thanks for all your hardwork and efforts. Translations are never easy. Am truly enjoying every chapter here.

  10. Jukebox   •  

    I binged this series until I caught up to your updates. Now I check the updates daily. Thanks for all the hard work! Fuck them haters lmao

  11. Lewis   •  

    will dth still be translated or has it been droped?

  12. paulpaja   •  

    as far as i know this is the best translation i read. thanks

  13. Floopa   •  

    i agree wholeheartedly with your post, dont mind those few (or even one person with different accounts) who just complain and are ungrateful.
    You people from the staff are THE BEST, and thanks to you we can read this amazing novel, and even more at the speed of 27 chapters a week!!! amazing!!!!

    THANKS from the bottom of my heart to Notsane, Oddmanout, and all the staff.

  14. b34vis   •  

    Hi, im new here! And i have some questions about that patreon thingy…
    If i add all the patreons i get to the number of 6446$ but the counter stands with 5783$, so im guessing the counter is real time and the number of patreons is not, or how come?
    Will there be goals after 6400$?

    • OddManOut   •  

      There will be goals and the counter only shows what there is after ‘fees’ have been removed by patreon. So.. They have a lot of fees

      Also, as people cancel, refund, lower their tier or have their funds declined, it will change accordingly.

  15. Elron   •  

    I hardly ever read any coments, im just silently leaching (sorry ;<), but damn people are dumb… Might as wall use this chance to post the first comment on this site. Im really grateful for all your guys work here, and patrons for showing great support to you. Dont bother with people giving their frustration out on you guys, they are minority, there are many more people just glad that they can read ur work. I've been translating some novels myself to my native language, so i know how much work it takes. 27/35 chapters a week is a sick number, get some rest sometimes :O
    All the best to the staff here, and for whatever it counts, know, that there are loads of people gratefuly and silently waiting for every chapter they can get 😉

  16. Okutsuko   •  

    Thank you for your amazing work! I’ve read like crazy up to chapter 850 and I find that the current output rate is just super high. I hope you’re thinking about your health too! Thank you for everything and long life to Lin Feng!

  17. Sebastian   •  

    I am also a silent reader and after I read the above I have to say:

    Please keep up the good work!

  18. Jivanovic   •  

    Thanks for the hard work

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