Patreon Goal Met!

By now I’m sure most of you have heard that we passed our 6,400$ patreon goal, which means 8 more regular chapters each week (including this one) and 20 bonus chapters. It is now 5 am and I have been editing all night to gift all our patreons their chapters. Posting chapters on the patreon site only takes ~20 minutes while posting 20 chapters on this site will take ~1 hour. So, with great regret, I have made the decision to sleep now and post the 20 chapters when I wake up, whenever that may be. I will be posting the 20 bonus chapters today. I will then post the remaining 31/35 chapters Tue-Fri, something like 8 chapters/day (one day will have to be 7). For those wondering about future patreon goals, we will have them, but we are seeing what our amazing translator can manage as well as looking at a site remodel. It might be a week or more until the new goals are made.
Thank you all, Patreons!


  1. Floopa   •  

    thank you for everything!!!

  2. adminimda   •  

    Anytime ready XD

  3. lord   •  

    Thanks to all team of PMG as well as all the patreons..

    it’s awesome….I can’t wait to read coming chapters…….


  4. Skoda678   •  

    Thanks to The patrons for their Money , and The Translators and all the guyz for thier ghard work ??

  5. kenjiro   •  

    Hail for linfeng.. Thank you patrons.. Thank you translator.. We eagerly waiting for the chapter.. You rock!!!!

  6. Final Sovereign   •  

    Thanks to all the patreons and the TiT translators.
    Thanks for all the sleepless PMG hype nights!

  7. Gauvain   •  

    Good work all !

  8. EXCITED!!!   •  

    U guyz rock!!! how much time does it takes to translate a chapter ???

  9. EXCITED!!!   •  

    U guyz rock!!! how much time does it takes to translate a chapter ???!!!

  10. xXxAzUrAxXx   •  

    OMG i can wait..too excited wohooo!!! the best Novel and the fastest translation so far.

  11. Blackbird   •  

    I didn’t expect so much support for this novel, it’s all good and I love this novel. I wonder what next patron goal will be . 😀

    Thank you all

    • Michael-Brazil   •  

      I wonder too.

  12. postmal   •  

    wow really insane thanks to all the guy who donate monthly

  13. Jah UniT   •  

    epic stuff! thank you so much! 😀

    hype :drool:

  14. Said   •  

    Ty soooooo much

  15. Roberto (Tito)   •  

    You all are the best.
    Peace and all good to you

  16. HLH   •  

    I finally had time to make my patron on Saturday because I think you guys deserved it after spending hours translating and the novel brought me a lot of joys to read.

    I didn’t know it would reached the patron goals of extra bonus or something but I guess that’s good for me and bad for you guys, hehehe.

  17. Gundam01   •  

    Congrats… and Thank you… more power.. 🙂

  18. DickyPoppins   •  

    This will be fully translate fairly quickly at this rate. I can’t wait for the chapters today too.

  19. Marek   •  

    Can’t wait for the new chapters 😀 curiosity is killing me 😀

  20. Sk   •  

    what time is the update?

    • Phantom   •  

      when he wakes up

      • OddManOut   •     Author

        I slept in until the afternoon :O

  21. paulpaja   •  

    so excited for the updates… thanks patreon.

  22. Michael-Brazil   •  

    Are there higher goals to be achieved and so release more chapters ?

  23. Michael-Brazil   •  

    Are there higher goals to be achieved and so releasing more chapters ?

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