Patreon Goals, New site & A special message

Hey all,

I was meant to post this a few days back, but I completely crashed as it was 3am for me. So I just wanted to let everyone know of a few things.


Patreon Goals

As some of you know, the current translator was sick at the end of last week and the beginning of this week, which made us go into our saved chapters (Also Patreon shooting past the top goal so quickly was a huge shock). So right now, our priority is to stockpile a few extra chapters for emergencies and then look to add new Patreon goals, once we are certain that we can deliver without fail.

I am not 100% sure whether the goals will be in bonus chapters or weekly releases. We need to run some tests on how many Workaholic can produce without breaking.

So I will be adding some new goals at the end of the month. We have clearly hit some already.


New Website 

We are looking to have a complete site overhaul. This is quite a big project, but it will fix the issues with indexing and everything else which the site struggles with, but will also bring many more features.

As many of you have noticed, the current server cannot handle the server load of the current site. With all its bugs on the site and the server load, it keeps having errors.

So, on that note. Can anyone recommend a good dedicated server hosting company? It looks like I am going to have to abandon this server and get a much bigger one to stop the errors and prepare for the new site.


New Novels

This site was initially made for PMG. Then as we added a new novel, we found that this site was not really built to sustain multiple novels. Once the new website is done, we will be looking to add some new novels to the mix.

Obviously, there are licencing agreements still to discus, but it is something to look forward to.



It has been a long journey. I first decided to pick up PMG, after noticing someone had started to translate this novel, but dropped it. As this was a story which I enjoyed, I decided to pick it up. The journey has had it’s ups and downs and has taken a lot of work to get to where we are today, but I have always said that my goal was to finish the story. I don’t think many people ever believed we would be able to finish a 2500 chapter story.

Over 2 years later, with the support of all you readers, sponsors and Patrons, I can finally start to see my goal within reach.

So, I just wanted to add a very special thank you to everyone for supporting PMG throughout it’s journey. It is thanks to you that this dream is becoming a reality.


Thank you!


  1. Idleguy   •  

    Cool bro, also very thanks for the work you put on the project, if you do need some extra hands I dont mind helping out a bit since i’m sure that i’m not the only site designer here. Also I could advice on server issues if I knew a bit more about the new site specs.

    If you need some extra hands hit me up on my mail.


  2. Spicy   •  

    Thank you for your hard work. We appreciate all of it and take your time for the organisation of the new site so that it is well established. Hope workaholic has recovered from his sickness. Once again thanks

  3. V   •  

    Thank you for the hard work till date.

    Would you be willing to share your current host and specs? Cloud implementer here, i can advise if you’re planning to use aws or azure but it depends on your setup n requirements.

  4. mante   •  

    thank you for the hard work..
    its really nice to read this novel, i like it..
    and for your journey, i will be your beloved reader until the end of this journey..
    finish it, dont give up..
    my bless always be with you..

  5. Meanie   •  

    Thank you for all of the work

    Alot of people don’t realise that without you none of us would have been able to read this story to where we are today.

    I am grateful for everything.

  6. Evskie   •  

    Awesome! You guys are definitely our heroes! I hope that you guys won’t stop translating until you finished PMG. It would break a lot of hearts 🙁 Everything for the Empire!

  7. Anjan Bhowmik   •  

    Instead of using WordPress as a platform, u should go for a custom solution that targets ur needs accurately. in the past, when u did not have much visitors, the WordPress was fine, but since u have started picking up more readers, WordPress performance will start to decline. Look at wuxiaworld, they already suffered and made that choice.

  8. Cedd   •  

    Hello, in terms of hosting, I work mainly with LWS. Their servers are reliable and the cost of their customer service is low or zero depending on the manipulations to be performed.
    As for the sites themselves, be it wordpress or a site from scratch, there are differences, but both are manageable. All you need is a powerful server and adequate maintenance. Well, even if I’m not a big fan of wordpress, you have to admit that it does the job and is easy to use.
    If you are looking for a back end C # or php with React in front, I can give you a hand.

  9. Tito   •  

    Thanks for all of your amazing work. I stumbled across this a few months ago and got hooked.

    As far as new novels I also enjoyed Devouring the Heavens. Because I’m new I am not sure if you already decided to drop it all together but if not I would love to see how it ends.


  10. Benjamin   •  

    Hey, I’ve been reading pmg here now for a while and I am heavily invested in it, f5 sect ‘ftw’. Although I never posted anything and am way too poor to assist when it comes to money. I do have programming skills, and I’d love to assist if you require any help in that department. Knowledge should be available for those who deserve it and I think it’s already proven you deserve it. XD If you want just contact me. (I hope you see what you need for it)

  11. Joe   •  

    First of all, i want to thanks totallyinsanrtranslation team, the donators, and fellow novel addicts for making this all possible 🙂

    And for new novel i might have suggestion, i am sure nobody picks them up yet, but i would like to recommend 2 novels:
    1.) Yong Heng Zhi Zun (Eternal Reverence, have similar starting point, MC was a weakling and have relentless attribute and keeps getting stronger).
    2.) Star Martial God. So far the manga is very good, i believe the novel will offer more indepth story/detail

    Again many thanks to TinsaneT team ??

    • Martino Bayley   •  

      I agree star martial god sounds great cause the manga is to slow I really would like

      • Martino Bayley   •  

        A bit more depth

    • Matt   •  

      Definitely Star Martial God. That story is quite awesome. The only current translation available for it is absolutely terrible.

  12. DNangel   •  

    Thank you PMG team for your efforts in delivering this manhua that we all loved. It’s heartwarming to read that there are lots of volunteers who are willing to extend their help in setting up your new website. Please continue with your great work, just to let you know that we avid readers all appreciate your efforts. A big THANK YOU!

  13. Eterna2   •  

    The problem is php and no caching.
    Fix either or both of them, then u r good.

    Just use cloudflare to cache ur individual chapters should solve most of ur immediate server load issue.

    It is free btw.

    I would recommend moving to firebase. It is cheap and provide everything u need. But of cuz, they means no php.

    Just build a standard single page app with react or whatever.

    Then use the database provided by firebase.

    U dun have to worry about load or whatever. Firebase/Google will handle the scaling for u.

  14. JAPE   •  

    Thank you to you and your team for all of your work! I truly look forward to each chapter! If you decide to pick up another series, maybe try law of the devil. Some chapters have been translated, but it was dropped due to the difficulty. It’s a good novel.

  15. AL   •  

    Good job and great effort. May God bless the crews.

  16. KS   •  

    What kind of hosting are you looking for? I see you are with Go Daddy right now, I would suggest moving over to 1and1.

    • Shuhain   •  

      If you take dodaddy dedicated there wont be any issue also better use cache plugin

  17. Emperor   •  

    You are the best

  18. Suicai99   •  

    Just wondering, what about DTH?

  19. Acesuwa   •  

    Please pick the DTH as the new novel youll add it would be a huge kaboom thanks for translating pmg!! Hopefully youll pick the dth and translate it again

  20. Johnson   •  

    AMAZON’s server are good 🙂 your website wont crash

  21. PMGfan   •  

    Thank you guys. You all are awesome!!!!

  22. Mark Diez   •  


    Thanks so much for translating this LN. Like many before me, I can provide help. The main cause of your problems is heavy traffic which is overloading your servers (you already know this x)). To solve this, you can either scale horizontally or vertically, or add web caching to help lighten the load.

    If you want this to be managed by a service, you can go to Heroku. I’m not too familiar with their pricing but they do the scaling for you. Otherwise, I can offer my services and we could setup your website in AWS. We should be able to use a relatively small server and scale horizontally as needed. Without knowing the stack of your new site, I can’t really help much more than that (e.g. how is your content stored? database? what kind? blah blah).

    Feel free to reach out if what I’ve said discussed especially with regard to how much it _would_ cost (bottom line right? :D)

  23. hangtimewolt   •  

    so much love for you guys! you could continue on this site but you want the most quality experience for the reader and i am thankful that you have commited yourself to all 2,500 chapters (remember rest and 3 veg/2 fruit daily, haha). after reading so many comments i really like the community around this translation! keep up the good work team!

  24. Mordrek   •  

    I am gonna skip the recommendation of new servers, enough people are listing who they think already. But if you are taking story recommendations, please see if you can take over “Imperial God Emperor”. Aran is translating that one on wuxia world and he is not reliable. Frequently gone for 6 weeks with no updates. IGE is what got me hooked on reading this type of novel. And I would love to see it updated regularly.

  25. Weak Boy   •  

    You guys be my hero’s! Come on with the next chapters for today though! You be making my emotions railing up! So I be busting Nuts! I need my daily dose of PMG ???

  26. Zauberklavier   •  

    You could use Amazon’s EC2. A company I work for uses it and there’s nothing to complain about so far. It offers plenty of scalability & flexibility in terms of what you want.

  27. lord   •  

    thanks for all your hard work.. really grateful for your perseverance towards the novel and honesty towards readers as well as patreons…thanks again….

  28. Ownekrouz   •  

    Thanks for the great work. Recommendation: Star Martial God Technique.

    • SageEmperor   •  

      I also like star martial god technique, tales of demon and god too. Poor wuxia just update TODGT just once a month.

      • Mordrek   •  

        Mad snail writes those two. Chapters are only released by him once a month or less, so translations cannot be released any faster. Madsnail is to busy selling his shows to write anymore, at least not till the anime catches up to the book.

        • salty   •  

          didnt TODG got dropped by the snail ?

          • Patrik   •  


          • OddManOut   •  

            Tails of Demons and Gods? The author of the novel is only posting 1 chapter/week, the translator has not dropped it

            • Giongi   •  

              one chapter a month you mean. Great novel! Really captivated me.

  29. Luffy   •  

    That s because chapters are only released once a month by the author!

  30. Asura   •  

    What happened to DtH? Gonna go back to that eventually orrr….

  31. KoruSensei   •  

    Is Ancient Godly Monarch still actively being translated by someone else?

  32. Cooper   •  

    Nice work on PMG update.

  33. Housen   •  

    Thanks for your dedication sincerely

  34. Ash Blake   •  

    my wife is a beautiful’s a good novel

  35. Ownekrouz   •  

    What about The Mythical realm? The manhua has a lot of jokes… I do not know if the novel is the same or if those jokes are easy to contextually translate but the MC has at least 3 times the ammount of plot armor of your typical novel and he is all about getting girls

  36. Ownekrouz   •  

    What about The Mythical realm? The manhua has a lot of jokes… I do not know if the novel is the same or if those jokes are easy to contextually translate but the MC has at least 3 times the ammount of plot armor of your typical novel and he is all about getting girls.

  37. Haiko   •  

    I´m quite curious to find out if Totally Insane Translations can live up to their name 🙂 since reaching 10k, we can expect new goals and following their exponential trend we should end up at around 50 chapters a week ^^ anything below would still be nice but a bit dissappointing to those of us donating money; hope there will be updates soon and great work!

  38. LinandtheFeng   •  

    For those curious got bored and did some math to found out an exact relationship for chapters vs money, its y=.005x+3 where X is the $. works out for them all .005(200)+3=4….005(6400)+3=35 and .005(10,000)+3=53 so thats were it might end up if were lucky
    vice versa this is the same as saying were paying 200 per chapter (1/200=.005) pretty much where the 3 coming from were started at a 4 chap minimum back at 200

    • OddManOut   •  

      Lol.. We don’t have our backlog yet. And even then we still haven’t agreed on the goals yet :p we want to measure our translator’s maximum chapter/week load before a maximum release rate can be decided.

      • Midnightknight   •  

        Lol insane, is like a new engine you gotta stress test it, and break it in before you go wild on it. But hey oddman I’ve been seeing some people talk about about a ten k release celebration is some of the comments, but I haven’t really seen it formally stated by anyone official… So you might want to nip that in the butt, if it’s another miss understanding that someone created

  39. LinandtheFeng   •  

    Oh i understand the backlog. I was also someone who posted the after a certain limit that can’t possibly exceed X amount per week so the rest will probably be bonuses. I was just a bored fan and you know us bored fans gotta think of things to entertain ourselves XD
    Plus I just took a class in excel functions lol

  40. Arpie   •  

    Thank you for all your hard work. We appreciate all of the work and time you all have done for us all readers. 🙂

  41. Floopa   •  

    I would suggest you to release the bonus and the goals as soon as posible, because i think people is starting to get nervous (we have been increseasing donation nonstop until the last days. We were at 10 300 and now we droped to 9 800)
    And i fear more people would stop donating, (because 12 days have already passed and we are almost at the end of the month).
    So please, start realasing some bonus (even if it is little by little) so we can keep increasing our comunity and increase the number of donors.

    THANKS to NotSane, Oddmanout, workalholic and all the team for everything!!!!!!!!!!

    (With this message i DO NOT intend to criticize, is just my suggestion to keep growing this GREAT COMUNNITY, )

    • Ra   •  

      they allready said start of next month….read the post above

      • Floopa   •  

        i know, im suggesting that they anticipate it, realeasing little bonus instead of waiting for a big mass release bonus.
        Because i think that people would appreciate it more this way.

      • Leothegemini   •  

        The problem was they said the end of the month when the month had over 20 days left. Therefore I’mNot surprised a few ppl are getting anxious. They shuda did middle of March imo. However now that we almost here ppl shud be able to make it one more week. Tho I can prolly say we all wish the goals had come out sooner.

        • OddManOut   •  

          Hell, I wished the goals came sooner too! But they would have been empty promises if we had xp can’t do that!

    • OddManOut   •  

      Don’t worry, we plan the new figuring the new goals and releases next week if we have enough chapters stocked up. We are working hard and appreciate your concern and compliments!

      • rizaki   •  

        pls up 1100 to day

      • Floopa   •  

        Rely hope that is true, because we already droped to 8,900..

    • JeEemai   •  

      I saw that too. From 10300 to 9800 real quick, i hope next month it wont decrease. I really hope. Specially by end of march

      • Psalm   •  

        Its bcoz some are moving into t

      • OddManOut   •  

        Hopefully we will new goals by next weekend so April will be remain healthy!

  42. lozagal   •  

    look at dragon marked war god for futur traduction and u will not be disappointing. He is more fearless that lin feng, more OP and very excited to read the novel

  43. Tabu   •  

    Dying out of exitement puhliiiz next chapters today???????????

  44. rizaki   •  

    UP woi pls….. 1100+ pls pls

  45. indonesia   •  

    please ADD new novel DIVINE THRONE PRIMORDIAL BLOOD….that novel is good story…but it get abonded

  46. Li   •  

    Any update on the new patreon goals?

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