Peerless Martial God 516

Translator: NotSaneInTheBrain
Editor: LikyLiky


Regular PMG Chapter 1/3

LikyLiky: Whoops this is a note. I made a mistake on the previous chapters where it says “Great Competition of Xue Yue” it was suppose to be “Great Competition of Xue Yu”. Xue Yue is the city where Lin Feng is at and Xue Yu is the bigger continent.

Chapter 516


  1. Syl   •  

    Same with me, no chapter
    ooooh i’m a bit sad now

  2. Akamaaku   •  

    Go to the previous one and hit next chapter 😀

  3. Thetallguy   •  

    The chapter seems to be missing

    • ThetallERguy   •  

      True story!

      No chapter 🙁

  4. Lllllamas   •  

    Thank you for the chapter!

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