1. BMBCasg   •  

    y first thx you man for hard work
    you are the best hehe

  2. Brandon   •  

    Was there some kind of hiatus i didnt know about?? where u at>

    • Rippedyanu1   •  

      It’s probably because it’s finals week for college students (like Likyliky) and as such the chapters haven’t been able to be edited

  3. blass   •  

    I want to donate but I want to know what is the schedule for sponsored chapters because I am a new reader here and for last three weeks since I have started reading here I have not seen sponsored chapters and they are only showing as 28 in the queue from that time and the queue has not reduced a bit.

    • LikyLiky<3   •     Author

      It’s usually regular 3 chapters per week and sponsors if Notsane does some.

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