Peerless Martial God 525

Translator: NotSaneInTheBrain
Editor: LikyLiky

Regular PMG Chapter 1/9 for this week (includes the missing ones)

So it’s only going to be this one chapter for now but the other chapters of PMG and DtH will be released around next week?

Yay finished 4 finals still have more to go……… Hopefully everyone is doing well on their finals. Also, Happy holidays since Christmas and Hanukkah and anything else coming up soon.

Chapter 525


  1. LeonToralla   •  

    Thanks you for the new chapter, Happy holidays 😀

  2. devilsadvocate6   •  

    merry christmas and happy new year to u in advance ^^

  3. blass   •  

    Happy new year and waiting for the the slave week 🙂

  4. Translation Fanboi   •  

    I am so excited for the releases! >=D

  5. MOEW   •  

    Lol, as usual lies and slander

    • blass   •  


    • blass   •  

      And also it should be libel and not slander

  6. Diogo Rosa De Matos   •  

    happy new year… more releases pls! 😉

  7. Marco   •  

    Been waiting for forever. Stop the lies pls 🙁

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