1. Luiz Paulo   •  

    WOOOOWW!!!! T-t-t-three chapters!! D:

  2. piercer   •  

    Hi, would it be possible to help you with the website for free?
    I really want to fix the index so it could get automatically updated

  3. Yyy   •  

    1 more pleaase…. Hahaha… Thank youuu for the chapters

  4. Victor   •  

    Notsane will there be any chapter these weekend?

    • htr   •  

      seems like not..

    • OddManOut   •     Author

      She isn’t usually on for a few more hours. Saturday sponsored chapters are usually posted a lot later than the other chapters!

  5. Lucifer   •  

    At what time do the new chapters get uploaded? I just check time and again and start using social media when I dont see any new chapters and all my time gets wasted on fb. Please tell me the time around which you upload new chapters.

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