Peerless Martial God 818

Translator: Workaholic
Edited by: Odd Man Out

If I did this right, the ‘next chapter’ link should be there but non-accessible until the release time!

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Chapter 818


  1. Gauvain   •  

    TY from France!
    No i’m a $80 patreon, yeaahhh!!
    Go rush to 841.

  2. GSM   •  

    Guys, we are 40$ to the next milestone, support not sane and lets get 5 bonus chapters as well as 2 extra per week.

    80$ patreon here

  3. GSM   •  

    1560 / 1600 now

    • Gauvain   •  

      It’s good
      73 patrons

      $1,634 ^^

  4. Victor   •  

    O man decreased below $1600…will there be no 5 bonus chapter?

    • OddManOut   •     Author

      5? I think you are referring to 2?

      • Gauvain   •  

        “$1,600: 11 regular chapters per week

        A special release of 5 bonus chapters.”
        But we are to fall again below $1600 … While we passed of 73 has 74 “patrons”

        • OddManOut   •     Author

          Oof, I didn’t even see that. I’ll talk to NotSane about those bonus chapters. Odds are we won’t see them until at least Saturday if we get back to 1600 by then.

          • Victor   •  

            Ok *sad* 🙁

            • OddManOut   •     Author

              Don’t be sad! I just need to clarify if that’s what we are doing. I know back when, we had a vote about decreasing goals from 250 to 200 or posting bonus chapters at goals. But, we chose the 200 option, so I think those 5 extra chapters might be an outdated promise.

  5. Victor   •  

    Target of $1600 achieved..5 bonus chapters?

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