1. Smith Robrenger   •  

    Thanks for chapter!

  2. JC   •  

    ty 😀

  3. Jah UniT   •  

    can anyone tell me what ended up happening to duan xin ye? idk if i somehow missed few details whilst reading but she hasn’t been mentioned since the back stab of the royal family..did she die?! or is she safe with lin feng’s parents? and if she’s safe why did he leave her behind again? when he said he’d bring her along next time he goes on an adventure.

    i binge read and sadly caught up to the translations within 2 weeks, but i rly dont wanna have to go back, find the chapter, re read it to figure out what happened to her D:

    i hope someone can help me out with this big questionmark i got haha

    cheers 🙂

    • Tega   •  

      She isn’t dead. But he didn’t take her with him because he was possessed by the evil swords and took meng Qing with him. So when he recovered he didn’t go back to the princess or his parents.

      • Jah UniT   •  

        thank you so much! i was worried i somehow missed something crucial happening to her haha. 😀

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