1. Jeemai   •  

    Omg Master Odd. You gonna upload all 23chapters today?

    • OddManOut   •     Author

      That’d be dumb, you all would cry at me until Saturday!

      • Jeemai   •  

        Hahaha. Thought so tho. Patreons gonna get the chapters today or tomorrow?

        • OddManOut   •     Author

          Already posted them (at least, posted up to what I have to post). The rest that I owe them will come as soon as I get them and edit them.

          • Jeemai   •  

            Yes thank you very much. Godbless you.

      • KoruSensei   •  

        Gotta keep our steady restricted dosage flowing to profitably manage our addiction… it’s a very thin wire you all are walking, Odd. 😀

  2. Ra   •  

    Thanks for the chapterS

    If he did it will be great…so we can read and just come back next week

  3. tartanain   •  

    thanks for all your hard work odd man out and all the team behind , thanks also for all the patrons without who we would not have 23 chapter a week

  4. Tovystyle   •  

    Thank you guys . your job is perfect.
    Every chapter is full of surprises and each time i wonder how things’s gonna be after.. But wow this novel is awesome.
    Take care.

  5. dcs899   •  

    Hi..this novel and the Wu Dang Qian kun are the same? the description look the same but with some difference in the names

    • devilsadvocate   •  

      err…….are u serious? can u categorize that as a prudent question? no, they are different, check novelupdates

  6. TheOne2   •  

    The hauki production was cancelled. Full Stop 1.

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