1. KoruSensei   •  


    • KoruSensei   •  

      Weird… the link isn’t working lol

  2. Marek   •  

    Thank you for the chapters 🙂

  3. Midnightknight   •  

    Does anyone want to explain, what Lin Feng is going to us the spirit suppression tech for? Is it to help Implant the evil spirit into someone? Or is he planning to take someone else’s body? I’m confused on what the body tech does. Anyone wanna explain it?

    • R   •  

      I can say but it’s a big spoiler.

      • Jeemai   •  

        Yes it is. Just wait 🙂

        • Felipe   •  

          pllzzz no spoilers haha

          • OddManOut   •     Author


    • Donald Allen   •  

      I’m confused to but excited to see what comes next

    • Gauvain   •  

      I understand you I am French and I had a lot of trouble understanding.
      I had to reread several times to understand.
      It’s by far the hardest thing I’ve had to read And I suppose it was also a lot of work for the translation.

  4. LinLinLin   •  

    This is soooo sooo sooooo addicting. Ghaaddd can´t wait for the latest chapters. Please update nowww hihihi *giggling*

    • paulpaja   •  

      agreed please update 3 more chApters every 12h.:-)

      • LinLinLin   •  

        it´s 14 already and I have been waiting for more than 10hours. I know the schedule says that there should be no release today but it seems like there´s a release everyday since yesterday and the day before and the day before that. huhuhu :´)

        • KoruSensei   •  

          Schedule should be 4 on Sunday, 3 on Monday, 4 every day from Tuesday through Friday, and any bonus chapters on Saturday.

    • Diedoutnow   •  

      Looking almost Every 3 to 4 hours for the new chapters cause it’s so fracking good and got me addicted

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