1. Diedoutnow   •  

    Thx for the chapters I appreciated the work

  2. Marek   •  

    Thanks for the chapters

  3. Donald Allen   •  

    You guys do a great job but no matter who many chapters you do I still want more

    • Diedoutnow   •  

      We are all addicted to this novel and are hungry for more we all know this feeling

      • tehbobas   •  

        one the next few episodes of PeeeEmmmmGeee.. news quickly spreads of lin feng’s exploits, lin feng builds a wall stronger than trump’s, lin feng gets triple teamed xD and finally shen gong runs into trouble… stay tuned!!!

        • Donald Allen   •  

          Spoiler!!! If so not kool

          • KoruSensei   •  

            It’s not a spoiler, don’t worry

    • Linlinlin   •  

      Definitely agree! Spent most of my time reading this novel since I got addicted to the manga. I just realized the story here is already too far. Now I can’t help but read and wait. I got so addicted……. goshh!

  4. Ar33   •  


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