1. Diedoutnow   •  

    Thx for the chapters. Like always I’m waiting for the next chapters eagerly.

  2. Donald Allen   •  

    Any bonus chapters this week. And what is the most chapters you can do in a week

    • OddManOut   •     Author

      I don’t think there is a limit. I can edit as many as we can do. Our translator can’t do more than 40 or 50 I think, but NotSane herself or her friends can pick up translating beyond that. NotSane was talking (joking I think) about 100 chapters/week if we ever got that far (or enough sponsored chapters)

      • DuZe   •  

        is there any bonus chapter this weekend?

      • Donald Allen   •  

        Hmmm a 100

  3. Lomthep   •  

    Does someone know when the next chapters will be release ?

  4. Lorensong   •  

    Any bonus chapters today?

    • Hello world!   •  

      I think only NotSane knows about the sponsor chapters.

      • Heyheyhey   •  

        Just scroll a bit further down the page and you can see how much has been donated and the number of sponsored chapters in queue. Actually there is no chapter in queue

  5. Paulpaja   •  

    Thanks for the chapters.. I’m so hungry for the next one…. Does someone knows what time the next chapter will be release? please…

    • OddManOut   •     Author

      Tomorrow, in apx. 15hrs, give or take (assuming i don’t acquire a ton of 500 errors)

      • Spicy   •  

        I’m getting the 500 errors at random times throughout the day. Hopefully the tech guys can get to that properly

      • Paulpaja   •  

        Ok thanks oddmanout.. ur awesome…

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