Peerless Martial God Chapter 1022-1023

Sponsored by Jacob B

This came in after I checked this afternoon, so I thought there were none for today. That is why this is slightly later than normal :p

You already know who translated and edited 😉

A little announcement coming soon.

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  1. Psalm   •  

    Thanks Jacob B!
    You’re our hero!

  2. DG   •  

    This was an awful weekned but you’re a hero, JacobB.

  3. DickyPoppins   •  

    I have been finding all day you are my Zun master Jacob

  4. DickyPoppins   •  

    fiending (to fiend) autocorrect is my enemy. thanks again Jacob. Thanks NotSane, OddManOut, and WorkAHolic as well.

  5. Levoyageilestpascher   •  

    I’m too exited for enjoy these 2 godly chapters right now !! Thank you Jacob B !! Come to Paris i’ll embrace you like no one else !! xD

  6. Martino Bayley   •  

    There is a god and he sent an angel like u Jacob bless u good sir

  7. Michael-Brazil   •  

    Thank you so much Jacob B.

  8. PMGfan   •  

    Wooooooo Jacob imma be a slave for you this weekend. You can do whatever you want with me.. wooo

  9. Frederic   •  

    What does the 11/40 mean ??

    • Zookeeper   •  

      it means there’s $11/$40 donated for a sponsored chapter. $29 needed for the next sponsored chapter for next Saturday

  10. Avidreaderbutnomoney   •  

    Love you jacob! ?? thanks!

  11. Yannis   •  

    Thanks a lot.

    C’est rare de voir des français dans les sites de Nouvelle chinoise qui plus est traduite en anglais.

    Par contre Lille tellement mieux que Paris 🙂

    • token   •  

      Ici c est Paris

  12. Yyy   •  

    Thank you

  13. what   •  

    thank you for the translation thank you very much

  14. Rai   •  

    Thank you guys..

  15. Idleguy   •  

    How many chapters are normally released per day during normal days?

    And yeah thanks for the translations..

    • Idleguy   •  

      Also where else can I read more interesting materialslike this?

    • Jah UniT   •  

      5-6 chapters daily sunday-friday.. but i assume it’ll go up very soon since we passed the last goal by a lot recently ;p

  16. Idleguy   •  

    Cool but how long would it be untill we get another chapter from now? This is very addictive lol

    • Vuja   •  

      Well we around 1-2 am

    • PMGfan   •  

      Relax my friend. The road of cultivation requires patience. If you rush things to get to higher levels there will be consequences.

  17. Ar33   •  


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