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    Thank you for the chapters!! This is an amazing novel. You are the best! God bless!!

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    Man youre as the name says INSANE
    Thanks for the chaps n love u a lot for these INSANE chapters 🙂

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    Guyz i am reading a manga called. Star Martial god i tried to find novels for it but the translations cant be compared to here so after this one can you guyz consider it also .Tha ks for the early chapters.??

    • Marek   •  

      Forget about it, mad snail is the author of that one, so it’s never going to be completed or even progress at a normal pace

      • Luffy   •  

        I heard that this one was actually finished but mad snail fucked up the end badly from what i could read about it

        • Skoda   •  

          Ohh??? it has a pretty good start , well its sad to see a good stpry get switched off.

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    Thanks for the chapters, what a way to leave a cliffhanger 🙂

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    Is desolate era good?

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      Yup goood

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    Why’s patreon support going down so quickly? I don’t get it; this is a great project

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      first reason: monthly support, so until the person re-supports it goes down.

      second possibility- being close to 1 month since reaching 6.4k goal and like 3 weeks since 10k but no progress, ppl will always want more and if paying more doesnt get more they won’t pay more. im assuming once not sane and co. increase the amounts/get new website the patreon support will go back to 10k or more ;p. just my opinion, i don’t know more than you.

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        It drops at the end of every month by around 15~20%. This is because some only intended to support for a limited time, some decide to lower their pledge etc. Also now we have greatly exceeded goals, some initially supported to reach a certain goal and now that it has been reached, they end the pledge.

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