Peerless Martial God Chapter 1135-1146

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Also, I have added 10 Bonus chapters to the mix. As you know, we had a sick Translator earlier in the month and had to use our stockpiled chapters, since then we have been stress testing our translator to see what we will be able to deliver on a constant basis, as I did not want to make any goals which we couldn’t deliver on.

Because some of the Patron’s were only a one time pledge and might not enjoy the increased goals as they are added, here is a little bonus to say thank you to everyone for the support. I wish we had more stockpiled to release, but then Patron’s wouldn’t have enough chapters for next week.

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Chapter 1135

Chapter 1136

Chapter 1137

Chapter 1138

Chapter 1139

Chapter 1140

Chapter 1141

Chapter 1142

Chapter 1143

Chapter 1144

Chapter 1145

Chapter 1146


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