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    hello , thanks for the chapter , i have a question about the patron goal i didnt understood have we reach the max that the translater is abel to do by week or will there be some new goal after some time ?

    • OddManOut   •     Author

      This is our max

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        Time for a second translator? 😀

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          “We’ve discussed why we aren’t asking another translator to hop on. From a reader perspective, it’s an obvious choice to add another! But, translating Chinese differs from translator to translator, so the novel would suffer. Also, the translators would find it very difficult to manage alternating chapters to work on together. Overall, it’s a bit of a pain. I’d also like to mention that our goal is to post as many chapters as possible and finish the novel as fast as possible, but do not correlate the donations on patreon to what we “should” be doing. This is a donation service offered to pay the translator, editor, and site maintenance. Although increasing chapters per donation goals is an incentive program, it is actually based on this idea, to manage paying everyone behind the scenes. Again, we do not endorse anyone paying us, we simply offer this donation system to increase release-rate To a Limit!” By Odd and approved by Not Sane.

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            Hope I can post this here. It’s just a clear explanation.

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              You should add “people please turn off your add blocker ” 😉

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              yeah, it’s a good spot! Now that tehbobas’ readers are coming back we’ll probably have to explain this more frequently.

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    Thanks for the chapters, can’t wait for him to have abstruse energy

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