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    • Feng Ji   •  

      i meant next lol

  2. Chinoyed   •  

    Thanks for the new chapter

  3. Feng Ji   •  

    i meant next lol

  4. MoshGoss   •  

    DEMON POWER !!!! :3

  5. mimimoomo   •  

    Im going to hijack these comments to leave some feedback, as i dont want to register for the chat. im currently at chapter 608, not sure if things change until now. theres two improvements id like to name here:

    1.) the link to the chapters. at first it was something like /pmg-chapter-xxx, now its /pmg-chapter-xxx-titel-moretitle-andsomemore. the current one is a bit more difficult to browse on mobile. i sometimes read on my phone, sometimes on my tablet and sometimes on my pc. so at some point i need to skip a couple of chapters. now i haveto manually erase the whole chapter title and the chapter number, just to change the number. if i hold down delete, it erases everything except the main url. it would be nice to have the old format back.

    2.) it would be nice if the previous/next chapter buttons werent just at the end of a chapter but also at the beginning. if i open the wrong chapter and i have to look back and forth to find the correct one it gets tedious to scroll down to the correct place for the button, as the comments are sometimes longer and somtimes shorter. a button at the top would be perfect.

    • Teisen   •  

      you can read on mobile here? i always get pushed to some scam sites. i cant even read the novel on my mobile chrome browser.

      • OddManOut   •  

        Please refrain from commenting with url links! Especially google docs, there was a scam not too long ago. Anyone one else reading this, don’t click on url links that others post here.

      • OddManOut   •  

        Also, please don’t report the site. We had to deal with that a few months ago.. I believe the issue was/is that this website is totallyinsanetranlation, NOT totallyinsanetranslation. (If you don’t notice, there is a missing ‘s’ for the correct url.)

    • Kenny Sev   •  

      I can read on mobile just fine. If your google account is connected to your phone then bookmark it and it should be on every device that your account is on . (Google Chrome btw)

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