1. Marek   •  

    Bless you OddManOut

  2. Anon   •  

    Thanks for the chapters

  3. Ra   •  

    tnx for chapter 😀 /// dont we get 2 more chapter and 10 bouns? u reach 2400 $$

    • Tnich   •  

      We will get the bonus probably this weekend but because we hit the 2400 mark so late this week don’t expect to get the other 2 chapters.

      • OddManOut   •     Author

        Thank you 😀 That’s what I would guess as well, but i’m only the editor! NotSane has final decision, which won’t be until Sunday!

  4. Spicy   •  

    Thanks for the chap! Have a question for you Oddman, does Wuxiaworld take the translations from you guys or do they have their own team? If it’s from you guys, probably make a note or comment on their site so that the people there can come here because I’ve seen quite a few that are willing to donate but don’t know any of the translation details.

    • HarutoraRyu   •  

      wuxiaworld don’t release PMG, their sister site gravity tales releases peerless battle spirit which is a different novel.

      • tuxintuxedo   •  

        There is Wuxiaworld.co (not the real Wuxiaworld.com) which is a site hosting novels from different sources, as far as I know, without consent.

        • Spicy   •  

          Yea the .co is the one I was referring to. Thanks man. Odd man should really have a look into that.

          • OddManOut   •     Author

            Yeah, I mean I can mention it to NotSane and she can decide what she wants to do. I’m only the editor 😛

  5. Ra   •  

    so no bouns today 🙁

  6. XiaRaMuLiu   •  

    i started reading this novel from chapter 1 til the latest a few days ago and i got hooked, found this novel from manwha “God of Martial Arts”. I seems that they update the novel 3 chapters a day. A bound will be awesome, I wish I will experience my first bonus chapter today <3<3<3

  7. Kenny   •  

    Uhm what time do u usually release the new 3 chapters everyday?

    • Victor   •  

      At around 8-9 pm GMT…but today there might be 12 chapters released altogether. 10 for reaching patron goal and 2 sponsored chapters for weekend.

      • Kenny   •  


      • Kenny   •  

        is there no chapters that will be released today ? 🙁

      • Tal   •  

        no chapters uploaded at all

  8. Ra   •  

    this week chapters end 13/13 but patron reach 2400$ so we might get 10 bouns chapters today.
    form tommorw we get 15 chapter a week

    • bonemart   •  

      Well we reach to 2000 from 2400 this week and it’s 40dollars = 1chapter bonus
      And +10 bonus when reach 2400
      So that mean 20 chapters at least
      +15 regular next week

      stuff like that

  9. XiaRaMuLiu   •  

    usually chapters are being uploaded during this hour, I hope this time of the day too for the new chapters, Im dying , I wanna know what’s gonna happen next!!!!

    • Marek   •  

      They’re going to fight :p

      • XiaRaMuLiu   •  

        RIght 😀

      • way of the boom   •  

        this fight could end in one paragraph, and still with the anticipation, it would be worth it

  10. JackJack   •  

    Must …. read……new…..chapter. Pleaseee,…..I am dying…….all my qi is gone. jac

  11. XiaRaMuLiu   •  

    all of my friends and I are refreshing the page and waiting, it has been 2 days since the most recent chapter, T-T , i wonder when will she upload the new ones. We’re losing hope </3

    • Ra   •  

      ….looks like tommrow….:-

  12. JackJack   •  

    Noooo…… not tomorrow, it will be today. NotSane said so. I believe in NotSane. However, I may soon become insane if the chapters are not on. Oh the wait is torture. I’m sure all regular readers are sitting and refreshing their screens every few minutes.

    • Marek   •  

      It might be because of the sheer amount of chapters to update that it takes long

    • Ra   •  

      i like your hope..:D

      • Marek   •  

        Well I’m soon of to sleep anyway so I’ll have more fun stuff to read after waking up 😉

  13. Vuja   •  

    Never lose hope ,last time they uploaded it in 3am so don’t worry

  14. Smith Sumo   •  

    Ain’t let nobody turn me around, turn me around

    I will be waiting for that great masterpiece called translation. Thanks to TotallyInsane team for their hard work!

  15. wascator   •  

    hmm, need to sleep and need to read. what will i do..wait or sleep…

    • OddManOut   •     Author

      I’d sleep, something to look forward to when you wake up!

      • bonemart   •  

        Mean we won’t have anything today? zzzz

      • Aerispcv   •  

        No upload for today?

      • wascator   •  

        good night then!

      • XiaRaMuLiu   •  

        does it mean that this “bonus chapters” a hoax?

        • Tal   •  

          the author himself said it’s better to go to sleep now, maybe we’ve been lied to or maybe not. sad thing is, we waited for hours in vain

  16. Ra   •  

    it mean u get them tomorrow …. good night

  17. Jeemai   •  

    How many chapters we get today? Omg. Im refreshing every 2 hours. Im so addicted to this novel

    • Vuja   •  

      Same lel , only the real fans do not sleep ???

  18. JackJack   •  

    Guys, I am not sure what’s happening, but NotSane had promised in her post that the bonus (5 chapters at that time) will be out on Sunday (and 2 were ready at that time). I have yet to see the translators / authors / editors stop releasing chapters for no reason (last week it was because website was down). If (atleast 5) chapters are not out by tonight, I believe it must be due to some unavoidable difficulty. Though I may be devastated now, I believe with all my heart that when the release comes, it will be all that satisfying (and maybe with few more chapters too, as it will be next day). I so desperately wanted to see Lin Feng break into the Tian Qi layer :'(

    • Vuja   •  

      Just wait aprind 3am and u will get ur chapters , its been that way for 2 weeks since i read them all

      • Tal   •  

        piss off dude, can’t you see we are frustrated waiting for nothing? so what if you read them all? does it solve any issue?

      • Tal   •  

        we waited for hours and hours since they said that there’ll be more chapters since patreon reached $2,400 plus the regular chapters be posted today but in the end there’s none. we all know that eventually every chapter will be uploaded but still it is frustrating that we wasted time

    • OddManOut   •     Author

      Hello everyone, I did comment this before but NotSane is supposed to post the extra chapters plus the sponsored chapters today, she just hasn’t gotten on yet. Idk when she will get on, but if it isn’t within an hour I’ll publish the extra chapters myself. I cannot post sponsored chapters because only NotSane can see the list. Everything is fine, don’t freak out 😀

      • Lucifer   •  


      • Jeemai   •  

        Within an hour. How many minutes passed since you commented? I dont know the time since im from philippines 🙂 sorry I may sound rude but just asking so that I will know when will I visit the site again 🙂

        • Scott   •  

          43 mins. 17 mins more bro. From ph din haha

          • OddManOut   •     Author

            lol, actually 15 minutes from when you posted 😛 I’ll just get those 10 chapters up here in a few minutes seeing how no NotSane still 🙁 Please note that it takes me a little bit of effort to make all 10 chapters for post. So.. it’ll be a few more minutes!

            • Giraffelord   •  

              Guys chill, OddManOut is already doing more than he has to do. Y’all acting like the crowd right now

              • OddManOut   •     Author

                Thanks, and it’s true 😀 I’m only supposed to post the weekday stuff…

            • this is life   •  

              So you are getting ~ 10 chapters ^ ‘up here’ for us, how nice!


              • OddManOut   •     Author

                Shoot… now only you and I will ever know this secret…

  19. Lucifer   •  

    No chapters??

    • Hello World!   •  

      The devil himself have come here for the PMG.

  20. Kuraokami ryuu   •  

    Guys..! I wanna help my fellow PMG mates…. just go to the chap 848 and you can get the next chap.. by clikcing the link there??

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