1. Spicy   •  

    First!! And thank you ?

  2. Marek   •  

    Thank you for the chapters 🙂

  3. Dezzdezz   •  

    Thank you. I would like to ask, if it is not a problem, how many chapters are out in its original language?

    • Vuja   •  


    • Smith Robrenger   •  

      actually, there are more than 2800 chaps

      • Michelstro   •  


  4. Ra   •  

    4000$? 15 bouns chapterS…………………..??

    • KoruSensei   •  

      Nice, you’re right! Great job Patreon patrons! I think we may actually get those bonus chapters this Sunday and get 23 regular chapters starting next week 😀

  5. tartanain   •  

    even this week it may be possible it need 2 more chapter today and tomorw and we get to 23 it would be greaaat it depends of how much chapter they did translate in Advance

  6. XiaRaMuLiu   •  

    why is that no chapters uploaded today? and why is that no news from Lin Feng’s Winged tiger qiong qi?

    • Jah UniT   •  

      im sure we’ll see him when he goes to the mountain where he met meng qi, he’s finally at the tian qi layer after all

  7. Anon6757   •  

    They must have all died. That would be the only thing that would prevent me from posting next chapter 🙂

    They need a CMS with scheduled posts.

    • OddManOut - away   •  

      The chapters usually post near the same time each day. I actually forgot that I didn’t schedule today’s and tomorrow’s chapters until now :O I’ll post them within an hour, my class is almost over and I’ll still have to drive home!

      • Obsessed reader   •  

        We love ya! Thanks for the hard work and dedication 🙂

      • R   •  

        When we get the 15 bonus chapters?

        • OddManOut   •     Author

          On a Saturday/Sunday when they are available 😛

          • Vuja   •  

            Are chapters coming any time soon or should i go and sleep ?

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