Peerless Martial God Chapter 877

Translator: Workaholic
Edited by: Odd Man Out

I don’t know if I should be posting 23 this week or not, I’m waiting for NotSane to get back to me. If she does decide to, worst is you’ll get them Saturday/Sunday :O

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Chapter 877


  1. inigo   •  

    Each $40 Donated = 1 Bonus release on weekend.
    Since we didnt have last week too and you got stuff like 2800 to 4100. We should have mass chapters, next week we didnt got any than the 10 bonus for the layer, hope this will you will do what you say in patreon rules

    anyway thanks for the chapters today

    • Tnich   •  

      Umm we did get the 10 bonus chapters last week. They have been doing a very good job on staying up with this.

      • Marek   •  

        I believe he means 40$ = 1 bonus and additionally bonus for the next layer. So twice the amount

  2. Tartanain   •  

    Thanks you for the chapter , hope not sane Will agree for thé 23 chapter this week it would be greaaat Well we will see
    Thanks again for the chapter

  3. Marek   •  

    Thanks for the chapters

  4. Ra   •  

    they said we should get 15 bouns chapters for 4000$

  5. Leis   •  

    You are mixing two different things. First one is Patreon, you can become patron and support them monthly, it has its own goals that you can see directly there for example 4k$ = 23ch/week + 15bonus chapters. Another thing is donate paypal button directly on this website, when you donate via that button for every 40$ you get one sponsored chapter, you don’t have to donate whole sum e.g 40$, you can donate for example 20$ and another person can donate the other 20$ and once the total sum reaches 40$ they publish 1 sponsored chapter.

    The only thing I find a bit sad is how Odd Man is the only one who pays attention to website and translator of this novel seems to not be interested at all and Odd Man always has to wait for them. But it might not be like I think it is and they just have their own responsibilities to take care of, one is taking care only of translating and another is taking care of publishing chapters and taking care of website.

    • Leis   •  

      This is reply to Marek. I have no idea why its not under his comment but whatever.

      • Marek   •  

        Thanks for clearing that up, I was basing on comments here instead of going to the source 🙂

    • OddManOut   •     Author

      Nicely put, somebody has been paying attention to my previous explanations! Yes, I primarily pay attention to the site because it is my main job outside of school. NotSane has her own job that works her a lot, plus she spaces out on some things. Yes, there is some waiting for translated chapters but translating takes more time than editing, so it’s not surprising. Rest assured everyone, chapters promised will be given, we are just momentarily catching up with the rapid expansion. I am constantly informing and bothering NotSane about how many chapters we need for the coming weeks!

      • Marek   •  

        Thank you guys for clearing that one up for me 🙂 much appreciated 🙂

      • GoS   •  

        Really appreciate the hard work you guys put into for this translation! Thank you and cheers!

      • Donald Allen   •  

        You guys are awesome.. Thanks

  6. evilphilosopher   •  

    will we get any bonus/sponsored chapter today?

    • Felipe   •  

      i was going to ask the same thing haha

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