Peerless Martial God Chapter 880

Translator: Workaholic
Edited by: Odd Man Out

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Chapter 880


  1. Wentian   •  

    Each $40 Donated = 1 Bonus release on weekend.
    Yet even when you jumped from 2800 to 4000. They’re no sponsored chapter?

    Can you explain yourself?

    • OddManOut   •  

      40$ donated through the sponsor system, not the patreon system…

      • Wentian   •  


      • HarutoraRyu   •  

        Do you share the money you make with author Jing Wu Hen or the original chinese publisher?

        • anon6757   •  

          Read the FAQ. They got permission from the author.

      • Giongi   •  

        It would probably help if you pin that explanation under the patreon/ donate logo.

        Thanks for the donators and the translation work!
        Also thanks for your efforts to stay in touch with the fans, OddManOut!

    • Bruhhhh   •  

      Donations through patreon and paypal in this site are different things. Donating through paypal directly in this website provides 1 bonus chapter for everytime it reach 40$.

  2. evilphilosopher   •  

    Y no bonus…. Wwwwuuuuuaaaannnnn? Not complaining or critcising… But just disappointed.. I totally get you all are still trying to stay in line with super rapid expansion and NotSane as you said has a different mainstream job…but from a reader perspective.. I just want to see LinFeng rule the planet… Hehe

  3. Georgeee   •  

    What the? No bonus chapters? Even last week there were no bonus chapters… what’s the point in being a patreon if we don’t get the bonus chapters…

    • OddManOut   •  

      There were 10 bonus chapters last weekend… sigh, you all are killing me here

      • Jack Jack   •  

        But aren’t we at least supposed to get 10 bonus chapters from reaching the previous benchmark?

        • Jack Jack   •  

          I mean are the 10 for each week or just the week when benchmark achieved?

          • Spicy   •  

            Just the week the benchmark is achieved. They’re just bonuses for reaching the milestone not consistent rewards.

    • Spicy   •  

      Dude we got the 10 bonus chapters last week what’re you on about?

      • Georgeee   •  

        No we didnt… he said that the bonus chapter will be posted this week with this weeks

        • Spicy   •  

          He said it might be possible if NotSane approves of it which she didn’t. She did approve the 23 chapter/week so we get the 4 extra chapters. So there will be no extra chapters as he said in the announcement.

  4. Zeref   •  

    Changing the bonus benchmark at the very last moment is not cool.
    Thanks for the chapters

    • Spicy   •  

      The bonus benchmark was always at the $6400 mark. Oddman tried to get more bonus chapters for us by asking NotSane but obviously it wasn’t approved.

  5. GrumpyNPC   •  

    Not all goals come with bonus chapter, only $1600, $2400, and $6400 promise bonus chapter. I get that we all want more chapters, but people at least make sure you are owed something before complaining about not getting it

  6. mzok   •  

    Thanks guys (the author, the translators, the editors, the patrons and the sponsors) for all the chapters.. and future ones..

    Thanks OddManOut, Bruhhhh and GrumpyNPC for the explanations on the sponsor system, the patreon system and promised bonus chapter.

    I’m happy to stumble upon this wuxia novel.. My favourite manhua was Zui Wu Dao until it abruptly ended py publishers. Then there was Tales of Demons and Gods until Mad Snails stalls and loses interest..

    Three weeks ago I read God of Martial Arts, the manhua version of this light novel and I’m hooked.. Luckily the translators to the scanlation did mention your guys work over here.. and I am formally addicted since. what even better, I guess, is that since the manhua inception there is more follower to the light novel and more patrons which equates more chapters daily/weekly..I think the number jumps/expanded really rapidly.. Talk about the stars aligning to serve my addiction ;D. Thanks.

  7. mzok   •  

    Oh, I got a question here for OddManOut..

    When I get your release daily it was morning around 5 am usually and around 9am today.. Today is Sunday in my timezone.. is it Sunday or late Saturday over there when you release the chapters..

    When you say..
    “Four more chapters will be posted tomorrow to make 23/23 for the week.” tomorrow a Sunday there or was it already Monday.

    Just curious. Thanks for response in advance.

  8. Adie   •  

    Don’t care about bonus chapter, just happy that you are still translating…

  9. Method T   •  

    As far as I’m concerned, the fact we’re now getting 23 chapters a week works for me.

    While bonus chapters are good and all, the fact a group this small is willing to do this many chapters a week (With Compensation or otherwise) makes me happy.

    • Floopa   •  

      Indeeed!!! some people isjust ungratful, the translators are awesome and we should all thank them for their work!!! otherwise we wouldnt be reading this!!

  10. KoruSensei   •  

    Thanks Omar! You’re awesome for sponsoring this chapter 😀

  11. lord   •  

    thanks for the awesome chapter.. when will be next chapters release can you tell? because todays already sunday here…

  12. Floopa   •  

    THANKS A LOT for every chapter you translate!!! you make my life (and many others, im sure) much better!! Do not listen to those who complain about bonus chapters etc, they are just ungratful kids.
    oddmanout, per rapid expansion and NotSane THANKS from the bottom of my heart.

  13. Ra   •  

    we didnt get bouns chapters for 3200$ and u said we will get it for 4000$…….

    • Jeemai   •  

      Man. He did posted the 10chapters as promised. Stop complaining and back read posts. Maybe that will answer your stupidity 🙂

      • Ra   •  

        he post them for 2400$ he promised but he also promis for 4000$ look back in the comments..

        • Spicy   •  

          He said he’ll ask for the bonus 15 because he felt that it should be done but NotSane never approved it. It was just Oddman trying to get us more chapters.

          • Ra   •  

            ok now i get it sry for so much complaing 😀 thanks

  14. Jah UniT   •  

    thank you for the chapters! looking forward to todays 4 chapters ;p

  15. Felipe   •  

    thank you for the chapter

  16. Donald Allen   •  

    People don’t read. There are two separate donations. Patrons and sponsored. Thanks for all your hard work. I think you guys are doing an awesome job

    • Marek   •  

      Yup agreed, though I have to admit it is easy to misunderstand if you follow all the gossip here instead of the source, I got confused myself too, but at least now I know how it is supposed to work 😉

  17. Nightingale   •  

    Omarrr Thanks for the chapter and thank you to the translators and editors for helping make everything possible.

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