Peerless Martial God Chapter 908-911

Translated: Workaholic
Edited: OddManOut

We are aware of the errors with the site, I am struggling to post these chapters because of the errors. Until we get our tech person to fix the site, do not be surprised if I cannot get chapters out on a given day (today took an hour to post just 4 chapters). I will be doing my best! If there are errors (like missing links), leave me a message and I’ll try to fix them once the server is less busy.

Chapter 908
Chapter 909
Chapter 910
Chapter 911


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    Thank you. When will we get the chapters in patreon?

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    @OddManOut If you need help with your website I am a web developer.

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      Same here ;~ ;
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        hey @cedd and @piercer, have you guys used material design on web design? I am a student and trying to use material design lite from google but it seems to be lacking some features I need like select. Are there any other good opensource one that you would recommend?

        ps: “All hail Lin Feng”

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          Glory to the commits !

          Personally I work with “Materialize”. I believe it is under MIT license. I advise you especially if you use SASS and if you are good in javascript.

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            Thanks a bunch.

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    Thanks for chapters…

    Aren’t there suppose to be bonus chapters this week end??

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    Thank you, although it took me an hour refressing the browser becuase of the error “Internal Server Error

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      Yeah, that’s what I’ve been getting nonstop, to the point where I’m concerned I won’t be able to post chapters this week. That email doesn’t work btw. I already informed NotSane, so all I can ask is for your patience here. Chapters owed will always given out, even if it has to be a little later than usual :/

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    I hope more chapters will be released today. Btw thanks for this update ???

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    thanks for the chapters

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