1. Jah UniT   â€¢  

    thank you very much oddmanout 😉

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    It s was good.. Hope tomorrow another load..
    Mr insane

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    thanks for the chapters, hope to see the next ones

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    Thank you for the chapters!

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  7. Midnightknight   â€¢  

    I forgot how the levels of intent go, or what chapter they explained it on. Dose anyone know off the top of their head what intent becomes after ten? Abstruse? Idk but the void fire makes me think it’s like the top of fire intent.

    • Jah UniT   â€¢  

      yeah it was mentioned in shen gong that abstruse was the next lvl, or at least the zun lvl. i wonder what void fire is, maybe they used another word for abstruse? maybe its another category/lvl

  8. Lorens   â€¢  

    Is there any bonus chapter today? since we got leveled up to 27 chapters a week from 24 weekly?
    Thank you so much

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