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    Thanks for the chapters

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    I thank you guys for the chapters. You are the best:D

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    Thank you very much for the sponsors.

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    thanks for the chapters

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    Thanks for the chapters and especially the sponsors of those chapters 🙂

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    Thank you for the chapters!!! Both you and The sponsors as well !!

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    Hey, anyone from moderators/authors or whoever is in charge. Would it hurt if you update us about the bonus chapters? Like dude what’s goin’ on???

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      Their bonus chapters on their patreon page have always been at $1,600 (5 bonus chp), $2,400 (10 bonus chp), and $6,400 (20 bonus chp). There have not been any changes to these posts. If you had not gone to the Patreon page to at least scroll on the “goals” section on the middle left column, you should go and have a look. A few weeks earlier, Oddmanout had tried to persuade NotSane to post more bonus chapters for us readers, but it appeared that it wasn’t approved. We should appreciate the fact that it’s already a really good thing we are already getting more chapters by the week. I still remember a month ago when we were still at $2,000+ trying to reach where we are now.

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        Chapters this week is now 27. Obviously there is new goal reached and i believe there are bonus chapters accompanied to it. That is all what we are looking for righr now motherfucker! Getting more chapters this week is already good my ass you piece of shit. They have just added $80 tier becaise they are asking for more money and yet they forgot about their promised bonus chapters.

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          Um… no. Where do you guys get this stuff? We just hit the new goal at 4,800 so everyone gets 27 chapters/week. There are NO bonus chapters promised anywhere. You got some sponsored chapters yesterday and you’ll get 27 more chapters next week. There was talk about whether we should add bonus chapters for the 4000$ goal, but it was never promised and never written anywhere. sigh…

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      Wow. This guy is the real deal when it comes to being shameless.

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    Seeing all the false accused comments made my blood boil. If there’s a real life on Lin Feng’s story being reincarnated, I bet it comes from some of the commenters. If I’m already reading how Lin Feng has to deal with so many illogical and unreasonable competitors (which makes it such a good read), it makes it quite unpleasant to see how some commenters would embody the same values as the unreasonable competitors that Lin Feng faced trying to be mean to my awesome translators and editors.

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    Do not listen to the people who are ungratful and just complain, thank to the translator, editor, and all the donors!!!!!

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    I can see how for the money coming in you could expect more chapters (I’d like more personally because I binged it hard). Now if you think logically it’s not all just going to the translators though. You have editors, tech guys who make rapid repairs, translators, the domain costs, the holy NotSane who started this great task, and likely more costs behind the scenes we don’t know about. While there may be more affordable ways to put out episodes; every time I tried getting ahead somewhere I gave up and would rather wait for it here due to quality difference.

    After my ramble I would like to thank all Patreons who enable a nice release rate and all the people working to deliver the story of Ling Feng to us.

    DickyPoppins and appreciative reader.

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      Thanks for understanding, from my understanding we put out more chapters than any WuxiaWorld novel even! But it seems that they stopped showing the money they make behind the scenes and instead only show the number of patreons.

      • DickyPoppins   •  

        No, thank you for responding to so many of us and being patient. I like businesses and it always grinds my gears how people can’t begin to imagine all the work behind the scenes and extra costs. I’ve recently gotten into mangas, manhaus, and this is my first novel.

        I spent some days trying to satisfy my binge cravings anywhere I could. I haven’t found a quality or speed that compares, anything worth the time uses y’all’s translation. Plus you have the great service.

        Thanks for spending the time to give me a response. Once again I appreciate your work.

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    *An appreciative reader. F autocorrect

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    Thanks for the chapters…

    guys those who are not patron to PMG and are only free loaders shoudn’t butter talk to editers and translaters because every patron is paying their money. Thatswhy they hv right to ask about the output..

    Try to understand point of view of all patrons…

    pls update info about the bonus chapters…request to translaters and updaters..

    All thanks to patron members to reach new milestone…

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    Calm down to those who’re impatient about releases. Notsane and the guys are working hard on keeping up with the chapters.

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    I’ve found the translation but they doenst match with what we are reading here. I read 938 from here and the 938 from there and the are totally different

    • AJ   •  

      that other site uses google translate. So it’s not a good readable version with allot of grammatical and direct translation issues.

  18. Maple   •  

    Thanks, as always, Oddmanout, for dedicating your time to read and clarify any misunderstandings when those appear! It’s sad to see some people aren’t appreciative at all…

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    Hey I have a small question with all this patreon debate on the air, it says that the next increase in daily chapters is at 6400, but it seems to skip a tier at 5600. Just curious if you guys never thought you would reach so much money or just wanted a bigger break to build up more chapters lol

    • OddManOut   •  

      It’s spacing. So we initially started with goals every 200, then it was every 400, then 800, and so on. It’s so we can prepare for the next release while pushing the readers for the next goal as well.

      • Midnightknight   •  

        Lol okay I was curious, I believe no one that works on this project, probably thought it would grow this damn fast lol keep up the great work and don’t let the haters get to you, people don’t realize how hard it is read and translate for a couple hours a day, plus editing, and sever costs, and all the small things we wil probably never know about to make it function. Thank you

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            Hey Oddmanout, is it possible to suggest to NotSane to add a few more changes on the Patreon page so that the goals appear as a post itself or be visually stated more clearly on the (reached goals) so as to prevent more misunderstandings from future commenters?

            • OddManOut   •  

              I’ll look into it

        • Diedoutnow   •  

          At least a few understand there work and time they are offering for us ?

        • DickyPoppins   •  

          If you look at the increases roughly every $200 dollars gets another chapter realease per week at the next goal point regardless the cash values between the goals.

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            atleast the freeloaders should be grateful they still post free chapter . imagine if this novel is for patreon only . then u guys gonna cry blood . hahahah . so for those ungrateful ants please be more considerate and stop harrasing oddman , he’s done alot for us .

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