1. randompasserby   •  

    it’s telling me to login when I press on 1006

    • Josh   •  

      Go to Chapter 1005, then change the URL chapter to 1006. You are welcome!

      • randompasserby   •  

        thanks, couldn’t reply earlier cause site kept giving me errors, but it worked.

  2. Lomthep   •  

    Same ?

  3. Another random   •  


  4. Michael-Brazil   •  

    Thanks guys.

  5. PMGfan   •  

    Last update tomorrow? What is the regular schedule of release btw?

    New here 🙂

    • randompasserby   •  

      Prob tomorrow, this right here “27/35” is the number of chapters they release in a week, and I believe they start on sundays.

      • PMGfan   •  

        Hmmmn ok thanks alot

        • randompasserby   •  

          it did not start out like this, it basically went up as their patreon rewards, if you check the patreon you can see the tiers, the guy mentioned he will see if their translator can handle more for other tiers but atm this is the highest. I think if you decide to become a patreon member you get even more bonus chapters weekly tho.

  6. FunkyForty   •  

    Andrew / OddManOut, thanks! And thanks for sharing your great posts every week!

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