1. Diedoutnow   •  

    First thx for the daily update
    You guys are awesome

  2. lomthep   •  

    Thx for the chapters
    Can’t wait to see the 1022+ haha … no chapter tomorrow i’m so sad

    • Juan   •  

      no chapter tomorrow????

  3. Final Sovereign   •  

    Cannot open anything.
    The site either gets error 500 or timesout on me. 🙁

  4. Marek   •  

    Thank you for the chapters!!!

  5. Ronney   •  

    Does anyone know roughly how long it will take to finish all 2500 chapters if we keep this constient rate of 35 chapters a week going.

    • Pmgsucks   •  

      So about 10 months

      • Ronney   •  


      • DickyPoppins   •  

        Might be quicker since the awesome patrons are up to $8,700 already.

  6. Tovystyle   •  

    Do we have an extra 20 chapter for tomorrow or it’s for Sunday ?
    Thank for your hard work and the donator

    • Spicy   •  

      We already got the 20 chapters man

  7. Li   •  

    Are we going to see any new tiers? Thanks for your hard work!!!

  8. geforce   •  

    thank you for noval

  9. token   •  

    Is there new chapiters today ?

    • Jah UniT   •  

      saturday is always sponsor day, at least for now. maybe it’ll change once there are more weekly chapters. sponsor day means that the chapters released that day have nothing to do with patreon, they stem from direct donations as you see at the top right corner of this website. 40$ 1 chapter. have seen saturdays with 4 chapters, have seen saturdays with 1 chapter, i expect that one day we’ll also have no chapter..but we won’t know until later today!

      • Jawad   •  

        Oh god! Please have mercy on is and grant us atleast 4 chapters tomorrow
        (Hoping for highest possible releases ?

      • OddManOut   •     Author

        Thanks for explaining 😀 I have set up Saturday as sponsor day because I can’t see sponsors nor do I post them. So if I posted regular chapters on Saturdays then it would get messy with NotSane posting the sponsored as well.

  10. Ra   •  

    no sponser chapters today?

  11. Onkel   •  

    That’s true, but I like quality over quantity, so I will not settle for third-rate lyrics, and you should aim for a higher standard as it is offered here and now.

    I hope I am not alone in my opinion that the team here is really anxious to deliver quality.

    Greetings to the team Behind PGM continue with the good work I think it’s Fantastic.

    • Floopa   •  

      you are right!!! this are QUALITY translations!! thanks to everyone!!

  12. What   •  

    So no chapters today???

  13. Pao   •  

    I hope there will be bonus chapters for today.. thanks in advance =D

  14. DickyPoppins   •  

    That’s the trash machine translation website. It hurts more to read those than to climb the last 81 steps.

    • Jah UniT   •  

      lmao, good one

    • Teto   •  

      Dude what’s hard about reading this
      Plz stop ur useless negative comments
      If you find it bad
      Don’t read it
      No body is begging or forcing you to read it =_=

      • DickyPoppins   •  

        You realize I was talking about the machine translation site and not totalyinsanetranslation?

    • Floopa   •  

      hahahaha, very good answer DickyPoppins! we chose the best ones: Notsane, workaholic and Oddmanout!!! thank you for everything!!

  15. Teto   •  

    Good job guys
    Keep up the great work
    And don’t lessen to the useless talk about you care about money
    Because you do a great work and you deserve to get paid for it
    You are wasting your time in translating this novel so you absolutely deserve money
    Cause it’s considered a job after all

    • Teto   •  

      Don’t listen ****
      Lol 😀

  16. FullSize   •  

    well to you and other “tecbo bus” lovers and your rage, what you said is not wrong, but still so stupid. I’ll explain: 1- notsane started it so much time ago, not like your beloved “techno bus”, who started it after it became so popular and famous. 2- profit? a month ago (or like that) patreon was less than a 1000$, so stop joking about money.(and yeah they totally deserve it) 3- they didnt ask, beg and etc for money, people love their work and donated on their own will. 4-quality, just accept it, srly i tried to read your “bus guy”, not bad, but still not good enough. 5-they are a lot ahead than notsane? cmon 1090-1039=51 chap? that s less than 2 week for notsane, and what after that huh?try to guess). 6- they are not greedy, they just cant keep up with patreon. 7- why delete comments? because it f*ng annoying already. 8- translator should ask before taking others peoples project (especially when it became popular, and not because your “techbobus”) So if you dont like this site or you are just stupid and ungrateful for their hard work since the chap1, just dont come here, please, you guys are disgusting (even more than duan wu ya) hope you will get some wisdom

    • FullSize   •  

      thx for the work btw notsane, oddmanout. Thank you)

    • notsaneinthebrain   •  


      Actually, the rage is just him. All of the drama caused before, was actually him pretending to be multiple people. He has gone through around 60 different names and multiple IP addresses trying to cause arguments on the site. I just block it. It is just 1 person trying to be a nuisance.

      The funny thing is, he is saying it is all about money for us. However, he was not around when the story was not successful. He seems to want my website to be a free advertising platform for him. If he was not doing it for money, he wouldn’t need to shout about it here under multiple different names or try and link his Patreon on our Patreon comment section.

      • DickyPoppins   •  

        There is no other site that can compare with this one. That’s why everyone uses these translations on their sites.

        Haters will always come to hard earned success.

        I’m amped to see how totally insane the translations can get from y’all. Keep up the good work we appreciate it and everything ya provide.

      • FullSize   •  

        Hah, just as I thought:) hope it won’t get on your brains and mood, good luck

  17. FullSize   •  

    workaholic thank you as well, hope it was not for nothing0

  18. Obsessed reader   •  

    I feel bad for Lin Feng’s friends. Get told to go on pirate ship by Lin Feng, Lin Feng makes it to tournament, but they don’t. Lin Feng finds hot chick at the same time

    • PhSavatage   •  

      For some reason with, your comment, i got a feeling lin fengs friends will show up next chapter

      • Ling long   •  

        Sorry for spoiling. I read the 2050 and did not show up :/

        • CM   •  

          wtf spoiler is prohibited

  19. Jawad   •  

    Tang You You will be stunned to see that Qiu Yue Xin is getting married to Lin Feng before her.

    • Ash   •  

      Was thinking the same thing lol

    • Clan404   •  

      No! Tang you you 1st then her T.T

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