1. Fr3akyy   •  

    Chapter 1041 doesn’t work

    • OddManOut   •     Author

      I just checked and it does?

  2. Jan van Nguyen   •  

    Ty for your hard work ❤

  3. Pmgsucks   •  

    Thanks for the chapters!
    Btw something not that important but why don’t you check the 6400 on the patreon page like the rest of them?

      • Pmgsucks   •  

        I don’t think you understood what I meant, by ‘check’ I meant put that line on the ”$6,400: 35 regular chapters per week (20 bonus Chapters)” to indicate that we already reached that goal like the other goals above it.

        • Michael-Brazil   •  

          Oh I see. Yeah, I really misunderstood bro.

  4. Michael-Brazil   •  

    Thanks for the chapters. Great work as always.

  5. Ar33   •  



    Y do u always have to end a chapter at the most mysterious part T_T

  7. femmmp   •  

    1046 and 1045 are the same.
    Thank you for the chapters.

  8. Death   •  

    Thanks for the chapters

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