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    Thank you so much…

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    thanks for chapters any news ..about goals? bouns?

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      read previous post..

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    Thanks for the chapters

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    Thanks for the chapters, it’s always entertaining

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    Thx for chapters.
    At last we will know what is happening with Lin Feng friends on Dragon Island 😀

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    Thanks for the chapters

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    Seems eternal the time when he’s stuck in a cultivation level… and he’s a fast cultivator but I cant wait till he reaches Sovereign realm, he’s so gonna kick ass then…

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      What is sovereign realm equivalent,? Is it zun?

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      Lol I feel the same, but I think it’s because he’s actually so young, he’s like what 22 at most now maybe? But as cultivators they can look mid twentys and be like a hundred, so it feels off because the people around him are probably a lot older we just don’t know. Also I’m wondering if we’re gonna go get a montage and have him level up real fast

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        I just want him to go visit his hone country and show them what he has been up to. And eradicate his enemies in Gan Yu.

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    Need more…cp

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