1. Gucci mane   •  

    Dammit April fool’s…
    Everybody will be screaming AHHHHHHGHGHGHHHHHHGHGHGHH

  2. Presk   •  

    April fool

  3. MalXLupus   •  

    i am so upsetti

  4. The April Fooled   •  

    ♪♫ AHHHaaaaaaHHHH♪♫~

  5. lili23   •  

    nice bro hahaha argggggg ahhhhhh hahahhahaa y lit bro

    but seriously that somehow di**y hahaha

  6. marzial09   •  

    never clicked on the page so fast and wat i get is a screaming cowboy AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

    • yolo   •  

      i got all freaking 5 of em cuz i always open all chapters at once cuz of all the errors that appear 🙁

  7. please be alive you you   •  

    we still need the real chapters tho!

  8. Lin Feng   •  

    got us lamo

  9. Luffy   •  

    Just became a patreon recently, how long does it take to update patreon chapters after normal ones?

    • OddManOut   •     Author

      hahaha.. you didn’t catch that I actually didn’t post chapter yet, did you? lol

      • Luffy   •  

        I just got it after reading the comments^^

      • lelouch_000   •  

        Please post ASAP dude!! Cliffhanger kun is killing me!!!

        • OddManOut   •     Author

          NotSane wanted to use that lama video again, but I told her we need to keep it more original

      • Lewis   •  

        Timeframe for actual release?

        • OddManOut   •     Author

          Ha, you actually think you’ll get chapters on April Fools!?

          …In an hour or two? I’m finishing up editing fort he highest tier right now.. They are all the way to 1212 already, gah!

          • lelouch_000   •  

            2 hours………..man that’s too long!!!! it’s late at night over here!!!

            • OddManOut   •     Author

              But it’s only 1pm here! It’s just past lunch!

              • Brandon   •  

                Hey were are you from its 1:05 here in bc

                • OddManOut   •     Author

                  West Coast, that’s all I’ll say. Don’t need no stalkers!

                  • Brandon   •  

                    Ya same i just wondered cause of when you always uploaded

              • Teisen   •  

                10 pm here ^^ keep your time i will go sleep and read it in the morning XD

              • Weak Boy   •  

                3:17 pm here, you’r 17 mins late and over 2hours trolling me ??

                • OddManOut   •     Author

                  Say it isn’t so! :.(

                • KoruSensei   •  

                  Odd is in Cali probably, we’re both stuck in central time lol

              • Skoda   •  

                154 am still waiting XD

              • THECOOLGAMEROG   •  

                OddManOut it’s already 3:15 am here plz show some mercy T_T

  10. Mauricio Ayala   •  

    D: ahw man…

  11. Kishan sikder   •  

    Why it’s you tube all time

  12. Drimiter   •  

    My hero … Haha haha

  13. David   •  


  14. femmmp   •  

    Hahaha. April fool’s. I thought there is an ad. Lol.

    • Teisen   •  

      chapters are addwalled like Qidian you need to watch the video to the end…..

  15. Weak Boy   •  

    Here I am all excited and sh*t but for 20 min straight I just keep getting sent to YouTube until I finally realize… it’s April fools day ??

  16. Mr Jay   •  

    hahaha let my guard down heh.

  17. Aedi   •  

    that sound attack crippled me

  18. KenZ   •  


  19. Shiroyasha   •  


  20. PMGfan   •  

    Damn iit!!! Hahahhha i thought the links are broken!!! Hahaha

  21. Roguish   •  

    I hate April 1st, have to admit this is funny though…

  22. Li   •  

    When are we going to see the new chapters?

  23. TDragon   •  

    the real april fools should be site is fully functioning and everything is alright

    • Edbenday   •  

      Lolol i just died bro.

  24. Edbenday   •  

    Good one. I would be petty and go read it on another site, but my eyes wanna jump out of their sockets everytime i read the trash translations available on other sites.

    • OddManOut   •     Author

      Not only that, but we have the only rights’ to translate and post PMG material! Those other people are shameless and may be punished soon :O

      • please be alive tang you you i need you to live please   •  

        i didn`t know that, it would be better for you guys if those fakes were terminated, since it would make your work even more famous!

      • PhSavatage   •  

        They are trash

  25. RAGE MONSTER   •  


  26. Junior   •  

    Well played… Gg ya bastard! ?

    Lol. JK. Nicely done and thx in advance for the actual update

  27. Ana   •  

    hello darkness my old friend….

  28. Ownekrouz   •  

    You are a bad person.

  29. ItsEmotional   •  

    damn, got me there. well done 😀 anyways, keep up the good work! filling my days of darkness with a glimmer of light 🙂

  30. Dinen   •  

    What you should have done for april fools was say you are released 100chapters today. Posted the first 5 as real links while the rest are rick roll videos 😛

    • OddManOut   •     Author

      Actually came to mind, but I am making you all wait while I finish editing these last few chapters and that idea would have taken more time 😛

      • Dinen   •  

        makes sense. Getting people who are used the normal schedule suckered in.

        Just out of curiosity what tools do you used to edit the translations before posting? Just the normal wordpress tools?

        I’ve used a bunch of blogging platforms that are free (for hosting, posting, and themeing) without ads. Jekyll + github + cloudflare is my favorite right now).

        • KoruSensei   •  

          Notepad lol

        • OddManOut   •     Author

          I just edit using word, then copy and paste in here. You’d have to talk to NotSane about the other stuff.

    • PhSavatage   •  

      You’ll be surprised because they are actually gonna do that?????

  31. lord   •  

    dude its already past 1:30 AM in my region…pls show some mercy…

  32. Housen   •  

    darn im wet

  33. Marek   •  

    10:46 pm here 😉 nice prank guys keep it up 😉

  34. Epicurious   •  

    All i can say is, i thought the links are broken, luckily it is not released yet..
    P.S. It’s 4 47 here in our time zone

  35. Spade   •  

    Okay … how long is 1 to 2 hours? Cant wait.. kept on clicking

    • KoruSensei   •  

      60-120 minutes…

      You left yourself wide open for it

      • OddManOut   •     Author

        I’ll finish editing 2110 and I’ll post the regular chapters for you all XP I was slightly hoping that NotSane would get back to me in this time about if we were posting the 40/week this week or next. But, I can always just post more these next few days if so

        • KoruSensei   •  

          Good news all around!! (Unless that 40/week is yet another attempt to get my April Fools goat)

        • Hello World!   •  

          damn, you guys translated almost a 1000 chapters in 3 weeks. That is insane.

          • Hello World!   •  


          • Hello world!   •  

            I think oddman ment 1210 instead of 2110.

            • OddManOut   •     Author

              lol, it’s so confusing!

        • Spade   •  

          Now.. I’m hungry… hahaha

  36. Éligar   •  

    Is this video a compilation of all Lin Feng’s enemies screams?? ??

  37. Blackbird   •  

    April Fool, we are getting fool early.
    I still waiting thought

  38. epoisz   •  

    Its morning already here….still got the arghhhhprilfoolvid….

    • KoruSensei   •  

      It’ll most likely be updated with a brand new post and links, not on this one.

  39. Sannie   •  

    Made my day though ???

  40. icecream   •  

    Damn!, Because of your link, the video got over 10M views! If you don’t upload the chapters fast enough it will hit 20M very soon!
    Nice Zun level April’s fool. 😉

    • OddManOut   •     Author

      Hahahaha, great comment

  41. lelouch_000   •  

    still waiting for the release OddManOut!!!

  42. starfun   •  

    Still waiting the new chapters,,,????

  43. Firo8988   •  

    You said that when you change your website format you would be looking for more novels. I don’t know if this manga has a novel but Yong Heng Zhi Zun by Jian You Tai Xu seems to have the same martial arts flavor Pmg, and people ask the manga Translators if there is a novel version all the time. Or Maybe you want to pick up What people left off on like Hon Issatsu de Kototariru Isekai Rurō Monogatari, Parallel World Pharmacy, Nidoume no Jinsei wo Isekai de, or Skeleton Knight in Another World. Sorry, love to read and found a new book outlet for it.

  44. PhSavatage   •  

    I found the full song lol. It got put on my recommended videos in youtube after watching it multiple times
    “Kirin J Callinan – Big Enough ft. Alex Cameron, Molly Lewis, Jimmy Barnes

    • icecream   •  

      And that’s how they reached 10M views 😉

  45. AHHHHH   •  

    Congratulations, for bumping the video to 10m views. The actual song is at 16m views, I bet if you have delayed the release a full day, that video would have more views than the actual song.

    Below is actual song:

  46. econ   •  

    well that was lit AF. What is the usual time new chapters get released, i mean as in time of day

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