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    Fiiiirst! Keep up the good work!

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    We aren’t even half way through the novel… After what happened in all these chapters what in the world is coming?

    • Giongi   •  

      He stil has to pay back a lot of people. And travel more. Cultivate and understand a lot. Meet and marry a couple of women. Make his way to glory city. Make his way back to Xue Yue and spread his teachings

    • Identity   •  

      I think some big adventures are coming. Maybe he will meet with that demon he met in death valley or maybe he meet with this man who saved him from his death and help him or something. But what i know that this novel will get better and better (not sure, but i think so :D)

      Many thanks for the work 🙂

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    Another cliffhanger ?

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    I actually cried for him in these chapters????

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    Thank you for the updates once wdqk is finished I’ll transfer my patronage over to you guys

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