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    Finally, i dont need to wake up at 3am
    For 3 days in a row hahaha xD

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    Thx for the chapters
    First one XD

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    wow love early releases thx <3<3

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    Wow so early. I love this! How i wish it’s like this from now on lol

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    Very nice. Thanks guys for your hardwork. Keep it up.

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    Thank You !!

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    Thanks for the early release of chapters! I am here in Philippines. God bless!!

    • DNangel   •  

      Me too!

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    Thanks for the updates. But wow you guys sure know how to leave it on a cliff hanger

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    thanks for the chapters!!!

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    Thanks for the chapters!!!

  13. greennapping   •  

    I’m glad it gets posted 4pm for me over here (if only it was earlier though) but then again if it was earlier I’d have to wait longer for next day to come… >x< I just hate this about translation… even if their speed and amount of chapters they post is awfully good, you never get satisfied… 😛

  14. RichiW   •  

    Thank you for your hard work

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