1. Leanardo   •  


  2. Daniel   •  


  3. DNangel   •  

    Wow so early release! Thank you guys keep it up ?

  4. sdf   •  

    Nice man

  5. zhunadan   •  

    Thanks for the uploads, but there are a lot of errors in this batch of uploads. I hope it gets properly proofread, thanks!

    • OddManOut   •     Author

      I reread and fixed the first few released. I need to start editing for tomorrow’s release (I haven’t started yet… so that’s terrible). If there are mistakes in the latter chapters, plz comment 😀

  6. Marek   •  

    Thanks for the chapters!!!

  7. Grey   •  

    Thanks for the chapter. Are there sponsored chapters today?

    Can’t wait for the war 🙂

    • femmmp   •  

      They won’t release any sponsored chapters for the meantime. But they will release chapters everyday for the whole week. Starting Sun to Sat ~> 5,5,6,6,6,6,6 a total of 40 chapters.

      • Grey   •  

        Ooh.. i thought that it still will be sponsored chapters just like last week. So I should be more patient and read slowly.. thanks alot

  8. LJustin   •  

    I wish to be a voluntary proof reader, can I? There really are a lot of mistakes. I’m very proficient if I do say so myself. I have this sixth sense when I see something wrong with the grammar I immediately know it just like a Godly Awareness lol 😛

  9. KoruSensei   •  

    *anxiously awaits new chapters*

    • Emperor yu   •  

      Yeah same here, looks like there no early chaps

    • PhSavatage   •  

      Same lol

      • InsertName   •  

        So we all on the same boat?

  10. Ling tian   •  

    I think we will get the chaps later since they need to correct the Previous errors of the chaps.
    Hope next week goes faster since we can read 40 chaps more lol 🙂

  11. No One   •  

    can you tell me what time you post up with your time zone, please? i like you doing translation, but i have no money to buy the original or to support you (sorry). btw, keep up the good work…..

  12. Di yan   •  

    Still no updat?

    • Giongi   •  

      Updates will be in 2 to 4 hours.. the last week was earlier release than usual

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