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    First One

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    First! Haha. Good thing i havent slept yet!

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    Thanks for your hard work!

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    Boii finally

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    Okay Just Take your time .. and thanks for the new chapter .. im waiting for your chapter everyday 12AM – 4AM xD XD

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      12am is easier to post than 6am 😛 I was up until 1am editing last night after all!

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        You know… I wouldn’t be exactly feel adverse to a midnight early release for Sunday — that way you wouldn’t have to get up super early and you’re still technically posting on Sunday 😀 *hint* *wink* *nod* *high five* *slips-a-fiver-under-the-counter*

        • OddManOut   •     Author

          I would! But like I said, I was editing all night and didn’t have the time! I think I will in the future as long as I’m not last-minute editing again

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    Remember to take your deserved rest on sunday guyz delays are no probs atall

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      Did you do something to get yourself on the ban list? Cause that’s where your comment went xp

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    Great bro ! Cheers to all

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    Thanks for the chapters.

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    I cant wait for Wednesday when he breaks through zun qi???

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      Seriously that’s really uncool

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      Spoiler alert

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    Thanks for the chapters!!!

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    Im new here and kinda confused as to which timezone the author is in?

    What’s the total number of chapters released in a week? I thought it was 40 but then there’s 5 more yesterday (not that I’m complaining) and he says Sunday chapters will be late. Are there more extra chapters incoming?

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    Spoiler Alert: Lin Feng will be turning SSJ4 soon Golden TriHard KFCx

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      Did you just say he’s going to become a peerless martial God?! Omg why would you spoil that for me!!

      • KoruSensei   •  

        I bet, by the last chapter of this LN… Lin Feng will be an unparallelled existence! But only on the last chapter 😉

        • Yuukk   •  

          Where are the chaptets

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      shit you spoiled me trihard 7 Cx

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    Yo man u got anymore of them chapters……(scratchs his arm and neck) I mean I’m not looking for much man just need a lil liquidity man.

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    A MONK is Gonna Arrive

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    I don’t understand why people think its funny or cool to spoil and make spoiler jokes. I guess I’ll just chalk it up to another reason why people don’t deserve nice things. Just undermine the author, translators and editors who put effort to deliver an enjoyable story to us, but for just a couple minutes of thinking you’re cool or maybe to be an ass, you have to ruin it for literally thousands of people. Given the internet, over time, possibly even more.

    • killaaks   •  

      He’s not exactly spoiling anything ssj4 is from dragon ball and means super saiyan 4, and we all know lin feng ain’t turning super saiyan lol

      • Sorreah   •  

        Yeah. That’s OBVIOUSLY who I was talking about. That was what would set off what I said. Either you are trolling or you didn’t read. Either way, don’t bother me.

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    Meh waiting for update

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    what time will the next chapters be release?

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    You guys need to fix the Time on your Website and the Time in your Mysql Database, so we know your actual release time. 😛 cause it says you posted at around 4pm XD on the 29th, so your time on the website/mysql server is messssed up.

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    Open up a mysql terminal and type in ‘SELECT NOW()’ to show the current time set to the mysql server. Then do “SET GLOBAL time_zone = ‘+#:00’;” Change the # for your Hour Number and the +/- too your Correct Timezone.

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      In case some people missed it, emporer shi is invincible 🙂

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      I don’t think the lack of posting was intentional — it was most likely scheduled at the right time but the system time isn’t synced with his regional time

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        Hmmm *sigh*

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          Haha, so many fans are waiting for it xD …. I see that not only recently I became addicted to this. Checking every ten minutes if new translations have come out. ;D

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            f5 sect HAHAHAHA

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