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      I object!

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        To what?

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    Kyaaaaa its hereeeee

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    Thanks again! 😀

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    Thank You !! 😀 😀

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    Thanks for the hard work. Keep it up????

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    Thanks for the chapters!!

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    Thanks for the update

  12. Said   •  

    I remember mou chen telling ling fing that he will finf out what hus special body is about when he level up to zun
    Do u know what it means

    • InsertName   •  

      I don’t know personally but have you noticed how a lot of people with special bodies when they become zun qi layer get some guidance on cultivation from they’re “other persona” like xin ye and qiu yue zin so maybe something like that will happen

  13. Rob   •  

    Hmm … Is it only me Who is wondering what happened to this girlfriend of Lin Feng, who practiced merciless cultivation ??? And if her next personality will be on the top the next Time they will meet :D..

    • Said   •  

      Lin feng told her stop practicing merciless cultivation and she returned to her clan

      • Rob   •  

        But when it was said that Lin Feng is dead, there were many reaction of people Who knew him. In that girl clan there was typed that “merciless qi shoot twards sky” or smth like that.

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    F5 Sect mode on

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