1. hey its me :3   •  

    YEY FIRST :)) thanks !

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    Thanks a lot!

  3. lelouch_000   •  

    why were there no sponsored chapters when you said there might be OddManOut?

    • icecream   •  

      He didn’t say that…
      Patrons are people who paid for exclusive chapters.
      Those people have depending how much they sponsored many posts in advance.

      That’s what he said.


      • icecream   •  

        I think…

  4. Bah   •  

    Miss chapter 1360

    • Li   •  

      Its there

  5. Ar33   •  


  6. Gundam01   •  

    Thanks for another set of chapters…. 🙂

  7. Al   •  

    Yeah great. Thanks.

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    Thank You 😀 😀

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    Thanks bro

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    Awesome chapters, as always, thank you!

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    Thanks a lot for the hardwork guys. Keep it up…

  12. Lito Origo   •  

    Good job on the edits!

  13. Macaak   •  

    Where is 1360???

    • Jah UniT   •  

      somewhere between 1359 and 1361

    • Chop Suey   •  

      you have read it without realizing it from the previous release

      • Macaak   •  

        L what the hell are you guys talking about 1360 chapter was not posted, and i’m not the only one that realised that. It may be under one of the above mentioned, but a chapter with the 1360 title was not posted

        • Lito Origo   •  

          It was the last chapter released yesterday… You can change the url to go there or, go to either chapter before or after or and select next or previous chapter.

          It’s not hidden, just the patent post for it missed it, you can find mentions of it on that post.

        • Li   •  

          If you open yesterday’s post Chapter 1360 is there. Because it is not on the title you thought that was not posted?

          • Macaak   •  


    • Dude   •  



  14. computer_says   •  

    According do wiki, next week will be grrreeeeaat in terms of cultivation

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