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  2. Al   •  

    Thanks dude

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    am i the only one that likes night mode the best?

    • Skater23481   •  

      same its the best thing invented

  4. Reddy   •  

    when can we expect new translation goals we are waiting for new goals.

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    Thank you so much

  6. KenZ   •  

    Lmao Lin Feng when r u gonna reveal yaself to these fools?

    • Skater23481   •  

      it will be during the emperor’s meeting so he will be able to shock everyone. (give it about a 4-7 days) great thing will happen

  7. aiki   •  

    “I’m going to the Celestial Palace of the Immortals first.” said Lin Feng. Xiao Yu looked at him and said, “Lin Feng, the emperor of the Celestial Palace of the Immortals is very sick, so it’s dangerous there. You should go to the Qi Clan.”

    why did he call lin feng lin feng instead of mu feng?

    • Ahmed   •  

      A translation mistake obviously ?

  8. Lito Origo   •  

    Posted a few edits, mainly for the last chapter.


    • aiki   •  

      like lin feng tossed a bottle of hot unit to lin feng lol

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  10. Catz0r   •  

    The author is high on abstruse energies, where/when did Lin Feng learn these new energies lol

    • Lito Origo   •  

      They were posted about 4 hours ago.

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