1. hey its me :3   •  

    First thanks 🙂

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  2. Urek Mazino   •  

    Thank you again

  3. icecream   •  

    Only 1 chapter is working?

    • Just a Reader   •  

      one is more than none!

  4. Jah UniT   •  

    34/40? 😛

  5. Emperor Kong Ming   •  

    Brother, 5 of the chapters posted is broken.

  6. Leny   •  

    Only one of the chapters is available

  7. croooked   •  

    Last 5 chapter text is missing

  8. Kishan sikder   •  

    What? this time we get blank ch!

  9. Jaka sembung   •  

    It’s the abstruse energy that block us from reading the chapter.

  10. Gleams   •  

    Thank You 😀

  11. Peter Sawaya   •  

    We’re ar the last 5 chapters

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  13. Mr.FunnyGuy   •  

    if only it was possible to give the one posting this a heads up so he notices his blunder… (idk how to but maybe someone else could?)

  14. Idleguy21   •  

    Only zun ctivators can read the other chapters, muhahahaha *soo many trash*

    • croooked   •  

      But I have already achieved the realm of Martial God…………….

  15. Joe   •  

    1391-1395 ch is empty

  16. Nightingale   •  

    I guest my cultivation is too low to read all the holy marks xD

  17. icecream   •  

    I think last time I read somewhere the chapters are uploaded before the admin goes to sleep. Guess we need to send him some abstruse energies to wake him up so he can fix this problem asap. 😉

    • Giongi   •  

      Be aware that the chapters are uploaded (or whatever) automatically and that it is in the middle of the night in the timezone of OddManOut or very early in the morning.. So might take a couple of hours before it gets noticed anyway.

  18. Lin Feng   •  

    Yo where’s my baby youyou at????

  19. zamurai88   •  

    I know he will fix this 4 to 5 hours later when he wakes up. ?

  20. Catz0r   •  

    Soo… Aladanor got some explaining to do

  21. KryzJ   •  

    Still Chapter 1395 is running wild, he must be using empty space abtruse energy mixed with a high level movement technique… That darn elusive chapter!

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