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      Where is bam ??, Urek (the data) is with bam’s friends. Can you at least help Bam win? ???

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        That’s not me, it’s Error 404 my data in the hidden floor..that little monster will win for sure and destroy Jahad’s data.. ?

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    Why is this 5/40 ? shouldn’t it be 40/40 considering that the last post was 34/40.

    If this is a mistake it should be corrected.

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      There are two 34/40, so the last one is really 40/40. This 5/40 is correct.

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      Yesterday was 40/40, but mistitled. Sunday is the first day of the week.

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    Since I can’t get reply notifications on the chapters…
    Thought the rules were meant so that the same person couldn’t be challenged multiple times. Misunderstood them?

    • Li   •  

      Not on the same round of fights. Tiantai goes last so Mu Feng cannot be challenged twice, which means Qi family attacks him first and then the Si family cannot choose him as an opponent.

      • Lito Origo   •  

        Ah. Thanks!

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