1. hey its me :3   •  

    First thank you! 🙂

    • Michael-Brazil   •  

      LOL, that was fast, I was writing the comment. Hahaha. My cultivation is not good enough.

      • hey its me :3   •  

        you need to practice empty and speed abstruse energy :3

        • Urek Mazino   •  

          Wow consistent at being first @hey it’s you..☺

          • hey its me :3   •  

            Well i just got lucky lol

            • DNangel   •  

              Obviously a member of F5 Sect ?

  2. Feng   •  


  3. Lito Origo   •  

    Yay, more action!

  4. Michael-Brazil   •  

    First Thanks.

  5. Feng   •  

    ?just a tad slow

  6. Urek Mazino   •  

    Thank you..

  7. femmmp   •  

    Thanks for the chapters.
    Need to wait for 24 years again to see the next chapters. The longer I think of the time left for the next batch the longer I wait. Lol. Hahahaha

    • Chop Suey   •  

      you need abstruse energies to make the 24 years of waiting to 24 hours only…good luck, practice well

  8. Jack Cool   •  

    Cant wait for the next chapters, i just wish the manga is as fast as the novel update though. Maybe they need to joon inthe xiao sect?

    • golgo   •  

      soo cool.. jack cool ?

      • Jack Cool   •  


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