1. hey its me :3   •  


    • Urek Mazino   •  

      You’re back. Hahaha

      • hey its me :3   •  

        yup for some reason i cant comment on the previous release lol :3

  2. Urek Mazino   •  


  3. Dark Mage   •  


  4. Jack Cool   •  

    My speed abstruse energy really is not enough huhu

  5. DNangel   •  

    Thanks for the early release.

  6. Al   •  

    Thanks dude. Keep cool as always….

  7. KryzJ   •  

    Awesome thanks! Tomorrow double level up by ling feng. All the way up to 6th Zun Qi layer!!!

  8. JD_2   •  

    Thanks dude. Really appreciate the efforts. Keep it up.??

  9. Obsidianking   •  

    Does lin fend still have the nine demon swords inside of him? I remember someone trying to take them from him, or they did I can’t remember, but I feel that if he still has them the time should be soon that he has enough demon intent to control them

    • Luffy   •  

      Nope he doesnt, wu tian ji s sworf swallowed them

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